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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar The scenes which have taken place prior to the speeches of both Brutus and mark Anthony: Brutus and Cassius have worried over Caesar's all ruling behavior of late and have gotten jealous of him. The conspiracy between Brutus, Cassius and the others took place. At this time Caesar has been warned by a soothsayer to beware of the ides of March. Caesar was again warned on the day of his murder to beware of the Ides of March before he was stabbed 33 times by the conspirators. When Anthony learns of what has happened he is heart broken and makes a suggestion that he is out to cause mischief and seek revenge for Caesar's death by saying he will unleash the dogs of war. The speeches What makes this scene more dramatic then it already is by having a huge crowd just fixed upon one man. The crowd would be bustling and creating lots of noise. The colour of the people's clothes would also contribute to creating a more atmospheric scene. Also the dramatic tension of Brutus having to talk to this huge crowd is increased as it was Brutus ho murdered Caesar and now he's got to talk of Caesar to the crowd. ...read more.


This tells us that Anthony indeed respects and recognizes the honorable side of these men and what they have done for Rome in the past. As the speech goes on when Mark Anthony refers to them as honorable men it becomes very sarcastic as he reveals the wickedness surrounding Caesar's death. It's obvious that Mark Anthony has planned his speech out and thought carefully about how to word it. Anthony has based his speech on emotion. Showing his own and playing on the crowds emotions too. This is very different to Brutus' speech, which was much more about a speech to excuse and justify the murder of Caesar. It was a speech to show his commitment and love for Rome. Anthony's speech came out a lot more powerful as he exaggerated his own distress to try to convey the crowd. Anthony is trying to hint to the people how they should feel and how they should react to Caesar's death. Although he says it very innocently and never directly says what he really wants the people to do at this time he drops hints and suggestions to the crowd. Anthony also brings out Caesar's will during his speech. By telling the crowd he has it right in his hands but not reading it out straight away puts tension and suspense over the crowd. ...read more.


This is posing a question about the conspirator's mental state implying that they are ill. The effect Mark Anthony tries to achieve by saying, "I'm, as you know a plain, blunt man". This suggests equality with the people of Rome and is trying to make them see him as their friend unlike Brutus who addressed them all as if he was higher then the people. Suggesting equality could also influence the crowd's emotions because if Anthony is one of them and yet so upset then surely the other people of Rome should too. Anthony then is very crafty. He tries to play down his speech making talents and suggest that what he is saying is unprepared and that it's coming straight from his heart. We know very well that his speech is very carefully planned out but yet he is trying to make it out that this is how he feels and if he was as good as Brutus and others at speech making then "the stones of Rome would rise in mutiny". By saying this the crowd, whom he has already won over could feel that if it were anyone else making the speech they would be in a stir of mutiny and rage yet because its Mark Anthony they aren't yet. This could change their reactions even more and make the crowd turn to a bloodthirsty mob. ...read more.

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