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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar "Julius Caesar" has started out with many unpredictable characters. At one time you can suspect that a character will do one thing and do the exact opposite. The characters in this story are very incompatible. They play one role and then can turn around and play the contrary type of character. Julius Caesar is a play which has many conflicting characters which can be positively looked at or negatively looked at. Caesar is a character in this story who I do like. Caesar is very powerful and has done many things to better Rome. Rome was a tough place to rule for Caesar. But he always tried to please the people. Caesar is very high in social status. At this point he is a dictator not a king. When Caesar is offered the crown he denies it three times. ...read more.


But he is so much more. Antony, at Caesar's corpse after being stabbed, says that he is sorry for being so gentle and kind to the men who killed Caesar (conspirators). He says to Caesar that he will avenge his death and will get back at the conspirators. Also, Antony thinks very highly of Caesar, as they were very good friends. I am glad that Brutus let Antony speak at Caesar's funeral. Antony, in a well thought out speech says that the conspirators are noble and respectable men. In his speech he uses irony, which is stating something when meaning the opposite. He says these things not to be honest, but to fire-up the crowd and turn them against Brutus and the conspirators. ...read more.


Brutus is the leader of the conspiracy and makes all the decisions. He chose not to kill Antony and then let him speak at Caesar's funeral, which was a big mistake. Then Brutus says to the crowd "If at anytime I should die for the better of Rome, I will do so." But now he is running away from his death by an already angered crowd. If his death is for the better of Rome he is not "keeping his side of the bargain." I see Brutus, now, as a coward and as a man who can't accept the fact that now Rome doesn't need him. Julius Caesar has many characters that many people might see as cowardly, and yet others may see valor in that person. It all depends on that person's opinion or point of view. Julius Caesar, to me, so far, has shown that it is a play of many different opinions. ...read more.

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