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King Lear: Plot

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KING LEAR: PLOT King Lear is a Shakespearean tragedy set in the 10th century and written in the 16th century. King Lear of Britain retires and divides up his kingdom between his daughters. He asks his daughters how much they love him. Goneril and Regan flatter him and are rewarded with land but Cordelia, his youngest and favorite daughter doesn't flatter him and Lear gives her no land. Kent protests and is banished. Lear offers Cordelia to Burgundy,.he declines, but the French King, clearly impressed by Cordelia, takes her as Queen of France. Lear then gives all power to married daughters and their husbands. Edmund vows to reclaim land his father has given to his so called legitimate son Edgar. Edmund does this by showing his father a letter he forged, which makes it seem that Edgar wants to take over his father's land. Gloucester is enraged, but Edmund calms him down. ...read more.


Oswald and Goneril arrive, which gets Lear even more angry. After this he leaves Gloucester's castle into a storm. His daughters are glad he has left, though Gloucester is worried about his health. In the storm, Kent sends a man to Dover to tell Cordelia. Her French forces have arrived to rescue Lear and help him fight Albany and Cornwall. Lear stands in the storm shouting but Kent convinces him to hide in a hovel. Gloucester tells Edmund about the French forces and leaves. Edmund then plans to betray his father and tell Cornwall. Kent finds Lear, quite mad, in the storm, and tries to take him into the cave. Just then, Edgar comes out of the cave, pretending to be a madman. Lear refuses to go into the cave. Gloucester arrives and convinces them all to go to a farmhouse. Edmund, tells Cornwall about Gloucester's dealings with the French army. ...read more.


Edgar pretends to let Gloucester jump off dover cliffs (Gloucester believes it happened), then Edgar pretends to be a different man at the bottom and continues to help his father. Lear now completely mad approaches and speaks to them. Cordelia's men arrive and take Lear to her. Oswald finds Edgar and Gloucester and threatens to kill them. Edgar, though, kills Oswald, and discovers that Goneril plants to murder Albany and marry Edmund. At Cordelia's camp, King Lear awakes and recognizes Cordelia. At a different camp, Goneril, whilest arguing with Albany says that she would rather lose the battle than let Regan marry Edmund. Edgar still in disguise, tells of plots against Albany. Lear and Cordelia are captured in battle by Edmund. Edmund sends them to jail and tells the Captain to kill them. Edgar arrives and fights with Edmund, who admits everything. Goneril poisons Regan, then stabs herself. Edmund says he and Regan ordered the Captain to hang Cordelia and kill Lear. Lear then emerges with a dead Cordelia, and says that he killed the Captain that hung her. Edmund dies and King Lear mourning Cordelia dies. ...read more.

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