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"Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde.

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Ulas Demirtas 17/12/2002 961447 "Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde The play takes place around the high society of Istanbul, the plot and the characters of the play are chosen from the real life and the names are changed for secrecy and to protect privacy. First of all, I want to introduce the characters of the play, who have similar relations and lives compared to the characters of the play "Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde. The main character of the play is H�lya Kosar, a famous singer and actress living in Istanbul with her dear family in wealth. H�lya is a self-conscious woman who doesn't belong to the society that she lives in. She has a dependent husband Kaya Kosar whom she loves and respects for; he is the protector of his wife's fame and nobility in the Istanbul high society. Kaya is a hardworking, successful and a wealthy businessman working for the prospect of his family. As being suitable mates both are admired by the other people around them. Kadir Inandirir is the secret admirer and lover of H�lya Kosar who is the owner and the manager of a big GSM operating company. He is known in the society as a talent and handsome seducer, who sends sms messages to the engaged and married women. ...read more.


She blames Kaya, wasting all his money to a woman for his passions. But Kaya tries to calm her down without saying the truth that that woman is her real mother who left her when she was a child. He insisted on her to trust him and invite her to the birthday party. But H�lya can't endure that insult; how that woman will be a guest to her highly selected party by her own invitation. Without H�lya's permission, Kaya sends an invitation letter to the woman. And the first scene ends. The second scene starts with the birthday party in the Club Layla. The selected guests are entering the club with an announcement in highly manners. The club is crowded with the guests, a band is accompanying to them with their cool music. H�lya Kosar is standing anxiously in the entering room, welcomes the guests thinking about that argue with her husband. She wonders what should she do if that woman enters the club in those arrogant manners. In the same time a charming well-dressed woman enters the club smiling to her, H�lya recognise her, she is that woman. H�lya welcomes and stares coldly to her. Kadir Inandirir is standing besides H�lya at that moment watching the scene, and suddenly he realises that it is time to deceive her. ...read more.


When he opens it he feels relieved, it is that woman. Everyone is looking each other; the woman comes forth and declares that she is the one who accidentally took the ring from the party. The last scene takes place in the house of Kosar's, everything is resolved for H�lya, she gets up from bed in peace but still curious about what happened last night after she left the house. She is planning to invite that woman to her home again. Kaya and H�lya have exchanged their attitudes towards the unknown woman. This time Kaya rejects her invitation and tries to deceive H�lya not to talk her again. And H�lya understands her fault against her and also wants to thank her for her help. While they are arguing whether they will invite her not, the unknown woman enters the room. She decides to live Istanbul again, the rush and the bad weather is not for her. She says that her objective to visit them is firstly bring the ring back and to bid farewell. But before leaving she demands a photograph of H�lya and her dear child. H�lya gives a photograph of her and shakes her hand before she left. After she leaves the house H�lya realises that her ring was stayed at her. She thinks how to get the ring back, but then with a smile decides to leave it to her as a gift from her. The play ends. ...read more.

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