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Leaving Home

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English Coursework: Leaving Home I was sitting on the bed in my bedroom, reflecting on the recent times in my life. I had always lead on existence of not travelling or venturing out often. You could say I lead a sheltered life. It was getting tougher, I began to feel tense fed up.go to school come home, eat meals, go to sleep the whole exercise was becoming rather repetitive some would say a sequence, the scenery was the same as well, dull and depressing. The town life, the polluted streets, cars buzzing around, people talking to one or another, shouting on the streets, drug addicts lie on the side of the shops asking passers by for money and swearing at you all of this was getting me down, I wanted something different something new. The smell of the spring flowers, fresh green grass, children running about playing happily, a drug free zone but most of all the peacefulness this was all appealing to me. ...read more.


I went to bed as I normally did but something made me wake up. It was nighttime; I stretched over my bed to see my clock. It was about twelve o'clock midnight I knew that if I was going to leave it had to be now whilst everyone was asleep. I went through my draw sifting through looking for adequate possessions such as my rainjacket it had been a particularly cold night I had to take dress up warm I took thirty pounds, two jumpers and a clean pair of trousers, that is all I needed to run away I packed it into a small suitcase large enough to fit two jumpers but I made sure it fitted as my possession's would be vital. My dog was lying by the side of my bed as faithful as ever I felt like I was letting down my family by leaving. ...read more.


I crept down the stairs as quiet as I could possibly be. The light came I had woken somebody up. A shout from upstairs came it was my mother "is everything alright son?" "Yes mother" I replied. But in the sound of my voice she detected that something was wrong. "Mark you alright?" before answering I took a long pause and a deep breath, my next word would be vital. I took about thirty seconds before replying "everything's fine go to sleep". She wanted to see what I was doing, so she came down stairs. I did not want her to wake Dad up, as he would be mad at the idea of me leaving. As she was coming down the stairs it was like slow motion I did not no what to do or say. She turned the down stairs light on the glow of the sixty watt bulb was blinding it was like these films where criminals are put in a interrogation room and have a bright light flashed in their eyes. ...read more.

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