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Letter to an MP Concerning Vivisection

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4 Eastlea Clevedon BS21 7YY 29 April 2002 Mark Francois MP House of Commons London SW1 OAA Dear Mr. Francois, This letter, I have written to argue and put forward my views on vivisection that may be furthered in your discussions within the government. From the moment we are born we are bombarded with chemicals that are potential hazards. Vaccines, food additives, household cleaners are but just a small fraction of chemicals we are exposed to in a lifetime. ...read more.


How, then, can animal research benefit when we, as humans, differ from each other in such vast ways? There are drugs that have been 'thoroughly tested' on animals and found safe for them, yet have injured and killed people. There are also treatments that have helped humans that were delayed or almost overlooked because they didn't work on animals in the laboratory. Yet the scientific community, however, continues to assure us that vivisection is responsible for the medical treatments we use today and for the breakthroughs of tomorrow. ...read more.


Animal research is a government-sponsored school of violence, an endless source of profits and new diseases, the modern barbarity palmed-off as science through the venality of the mass media and industry-beholden politicians. I therefore feel very strongly about this subject and feel that animal experimentation should be banned, as it is, without doubt, cruelty towards animals and other means of experimentation should be used or indeed found. I thank you for taking your time to read my views and hope you have come to understand them. Yours Sincerely Matthew Fry ...read more.

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