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Looking at two short stories you have studied from mystery genres and discussing the similarities and differences between them.

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Looking at two short stories you have studied from mystery genres and discussing the similarities and differences between them I am studying Lamb To The Slaughter by Roald Dahl and The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Both of these short stories are from the mystery genre. The stories are similar in that they have murders in both of them the murders or deaths are both mysteries. There are people trying to find out who did the murder or how the death happened, such as detectives or police. They both have victims in, the ones that get killed. There is also a killer or murderer. The differences between the stories are that in The Speckled Band the mystery was solved, however in Lamb To The Slaughter the mystery remained unsolved at the end and looked as if it was going to stay that way considering that the police/detectives consumed the weapon involved in the murder. These stories were written by different authors from different centuries, which makes quite a lot of difference as to the way people act and kill and the way they live. The general rules of the mystery genre are that there is always a killer/murderer. There is a detective or someone trying to find out who the killer is. ...read more.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes it very mysterious the way the room had all the doors and windows shut and no other way for someone to get in. The narrator of Lamb To The Slaughter is the author and the narrator of The Speckled Band is Sherlock Holmes' assistant Dr Watson. This effects the stories in quite a big way with Lamb To The Slaughter you a perspective of watching a program or film, whereas with The Speckled Band you get a more personal perspective of one of the characters, this makes an effect of being in there. The stories are different because in The Speckled Band you find out who did the murder, in Lamb To The Slaughter you know who did the murder but they never find out because they eat the weapon involved in the killing. So they would have no evidence if they did find out somehow who did it. What also makes these two stories very different is that Lamb To The Slaughter is very simple and The Speckled Band is written to be more complex, I think this is also part of the character of Sherlock Holmes. The main characters of the stories are Mary Maloney of Lamb To The Slaughter and Sherlock Holmes of The Speckled Band. ...read more.


Mary killing her husband I thought was pretty unexpected, she didn't seem mad, I thought that he was the one that was going to do something to her. In The Speckled Band the bit which made me want to read on with anticipation was when they examine the bedroom and they can't find any way of a killer entering the bedroom, I couldn't think of what it could be. Both of the main characters are also pretty unrealistic. Someone's wife wouldn't be anticipating they're arrival and then to hear some bad news she kills them with absolutely no remorse. Out of both the main characters Sherlock Holmes is probably the most realistic. Overall I think The Speckled Band was the best story out of the two. I came to this conclusion because I believe it was the more mysterious of the two, which is what the genre is supposed to be about. I personally think that Rhoald Dahl's style of writing is not suited to the mystery genre he seems to be lacking mystery, however it was good because it was very simple there was not many words wasted at all it was straight to the point. I also like the way The Speckled Band is done as a point of view of Dr Watson, I believe it gets the reader more involved in the happenings and the story. I also think that because of it's complexity it made the discovery of who did the killing even more exciting. ...read more.

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