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Looking in detail at the character of Macbeth, analyse his descent from noble Macbeth to dead butcher. In your answer you should consider:  The character/theme in question  Shakespeares use of language, imagery and

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Looking in detail at the character of Macbeth, analyse his descent from 'noble Macbeth' to 'dead butcher'. In your answer you should consider: * The character/theme in question * Shakespeare's use of language, imagery and other dramatic techniques * Social, cultural and historical context * Personal response Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies. The play presents Macbeth as the epitome of a megalomaniac and his dramatic descent from 'noble Macbeth' to 'dead butcher' may also suggest that the supernatural cannot be trusted and any attempt to change society's natural order can have disastrous consequences. This message ties in with the general Jacobean belief that witches were associated with evil and the king had divine power given by God to rule. This is particularly significant as the Gunpowder Plot had failed to kill James I and Shakespeare may be using the play to warn any ambitious plotters that regicide was against nature and the traitor,like Macbeth, will forever suffer for his crime. It also comments on the general belief that females were the lesser of the two sexes by portraying the manipulative and domineering side of women through the character of Lady Macbeth, who plays an influential part in all of Macbeth's deeds. ...read more.


The witches are mainly responsible for starting the growth of ambition within Macbeth, but Lady Macbeth can be seen as the main driving force for his power hungry desire. We see how Macbeth is subject to her control from the very beginning as he is referred to as 'Bellona's bridegroom'. This immediately implies that she plays the dominant role within their relationship and is able to control him. Shakespeare emphasizes their close bond by often putting their dialogues together to form the same iambic pentameter. By using words such as '...then you were a man', Lady Macbeth constantly taunts him and challenges his masculinity, subsequently manipulating his actions and causing him to do things he did not originally plan. Macbeth was very reluctant to act against Duncan and showed regret after the deed, but she not only persuades him to agree to the crime in the first place, then orders him to think nothing of it. However she cannot be the only reason for all of Macbeth's deeds, as the killing of Duncan is the only one she plays a direct role in. All the murders to follow were according to Macbeth's own free will and she had little to do with them. ...read more.


let the earth hide thee!'. The short abrupt sentences suggest the panic he is feeling and imply that his mind is slowly becoming more and more plagued with his crimes. Shakespeare deliberately makes all his victims innocent of committing anything against him, thus creating pathos for them and at the same time highlighting how he is viewing everything as a threat and killing is becoming the only way he can feel safe. This makes him more brutal and inhumane as his actions turn from regicide to killing his best friend, and then to infanticide. His reactions to killing also change, from the regretful tone in 'Wake Duncan with thy knocking! I would thou couldst!' to the longing tone in '...in his death were perfect', we can see how he is feeling less guilt and gaining more satisfaction from his crimes. Ultimately Macbeth's tragic descent is not only due to himself, but instead when the many catalysts like the witches and his own wife combine to encourage his thirst for power, his own ambition becomes his fatal flaw and leads to his downfall. What began as one murder simply to gain royalty quickly gets out of hand as murder becomes a necessity for him to feel safe and I believe his transformation from 'noble Macbeth' to 'dead butcher' though unfortunate, was inevitable. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chuer Zhang ...read more.

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