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Loot Plot Summary

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Loot Plot Summary The play begins in the afternoon in Mcleavy's house. A coffin stands in the room. Mcleavy is on stage mourning his wife's death. Fay enters and begins the farce by being insensitive and inappropriate for the situation. Dealing with religion, sex and death; the first two pages sets the farcical scene. Fay suggests Mcleavy, after three days of being a widower, find a new wife. Fay describes someone like herself as the perfect candidate for Mcleavy's second wife. Hal enters the room he opens a wardrobe and then re locks it. Mcleavy questions what is inside but Hal moves the topic of conversation along. Mcleavy leaves to look at a wreath. While Fay and Hal converse we learn of Hal's illegal past and activities. Hal also introduces us to Dennis his friend who we meet later. ...read more.


Hal and Dennis lift the coffin and exit. Truscott then soon enters pretending to be attached to the metropolitan water board. Mcleavy is asked to go and find his water mains. Truscott acquires Fay's handwriting, which he uses for evidence later on. Mcleavy enters and tells Truscott where the mains is, Truscott goes off to find it. Hal comes back and reports a flat tyre and therefore a delay of the funeral. Dennis enters and leaves with Mcleavy. Hal and Faye are left while they go to the funeral. She insists he opens the wardrobe where his mother's corpse is. She ask him what is in there and he admits straight away. She ask where the money is and he admits straight away. Fay gets in on the deal she demands her 33.3% to help Hal get rid of the body. ...read more.


Truscott explains he is a police officer. He explains he is not only looking for the robbers but the murderer of Mrs Leavy. Truscott finds a book called "The trial of Phyllis Mcmahon. Nurse accused of murdering her patient" He stares hard at Fay. He takes a page from the book. The page shows the killers handwriting and he matches it with the example he got from Fay earlier. Truscott cant prove anything and believes the eye he found was from the dummy. Mcleavy sees the eye and knows it is his wife's. Hal claims to of given it to Fay. Mcleavy opens the coffin to put the eye back, when he opens it he falls back as if to faint. The lid is replaced before Truscott sees inside. Finally the coffin breaks and money falls at Truscotts feet. Truscott is bribed with 25% of the money. Truscott then has Mcleavy arrested as he doesn't want in on the deal and wants Truscott arrested. The play ends with Fay finally accepting Dennis' offer of marriage. ...read more.

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