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Lord of the flies

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Lord of the flies They set off along the beach in formation. Ralph went first, limping a little, his spear carried over one shoulder. He saw things partially through the tremble of the heat haze over the flashing sands, and his own long hair and injuries. Behind him came the twins, worried now for a while but full unquenchable vitality. They said little but trailed the butts of their wooden spears; for Piggy had found that looking down, shielding his tired sight from the sun, he could just see those moving along the sand. He walked between the trailing butts, therefore, the conch held carefully between his two hands. "Stop" cried Sam. A surprised Ralph stopped in his tracks. There was great tension between the four boys. Not one of them knew what to say. It was Sam who broke the silence. "we can't go! Look at Jack now, he can't see what he's done. The hair, the paint. He's changed" Ralph opened his mouth to argue then closed it again. He knew Sam was right but chose not to believe it. Ralph stared at Piggy and Eric daring them to speak. Eric, challenging Ralph, spoke up. "Sam's right and we all know it. Look how many of them there are, they'll kill us" Eric's words stabbed at Ralph's chest. ...read more.


He laughed his hollow laugh and said "I could never be afraid of you". There was silence.The sky was purple and black, like a great bruise. Ralph decided to have abit of fun. "Lets play a game, Jack. Lets play Tag. Know the rules?" "Game?" Jack considered this. "Okay. I like games and I like Tag but I don't like rules, how about if we don't play by them?" Ralph clicked his knuckles and dusted his shorts. "I" he said "will be it." Ralph smiled at the group of savages. He still had his baby teeth, but his smile was ancient and knowing. Ralph loved Tag, you ran alone, you caught alone, you face 'it' alone. "Run!" Ralph shouted. He did not run but stared after them, watching their terrified faces and getting an extra jolt of pleasure from it. "Try to get away from me" he said under his breath "you never will" he added. Jack tripped over something and cursed. Stupid game, he thought. Branches slapped his face. How long had he been running? Thirty seconds? A minute? A lifetime. He shoved the branches aside, peering behind for Ralph. Sure enough, Ralph was coming towards him. Gotta keep running, gotta keep running. He stopped to catch his breath. And heard it. Something was crashing through the tree's behind him. ...read more.


Jack woke. His body broke out in heavy sweat, he felt clammy and uncomfortable. He raised his arms pulling the darkness to him and held it tight. Like the dark was his companion. No! No. He jerked his arms to his sides. What was happening to him? He had to fight it. He was afraid. Afraid of what? Ralph? Jack laughed at the thought. Maybe he was afraid of Ralph. The cold cut to his bones. I'm not afraid of Ralph. I'm afraid of something worse. Maple leaves rattled around Ralph. He had fallen asleep against a tree with his wooden spear by his foot. The chattering of the wind woke him with a start. He sat with his arms wrapped around his body for warmth. The wind pressed his shorts tight against his body. Ralph sat curled against the tree watching the wilderness. Ralph had fallen into fear like the storm had come, with a startling suddenness as exciting and terrifying as it was joyful. But this storm would sweep over, batter the skyscrapers, jerk at the sailboats, then disappear into darkness over the lake. His feeling of fear wasn't blowing over. It was a storm that was twisting him all out of shape with no promise of getting better. Jack woke up with a bad headache. Bad dreams. He couldn't remember them, but they were definitely there. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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