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Lord of the Flies

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LORD OF THE FLIES By Mohammed Taguri In the beginning of lord of the flies both Jack and Ralph establish some sort of leadership characteristics. But on an Island with so many young children only one of them can become Chief. They both are very different but have an admiration and mutual respect for each other. Ralph is an upper-middle class English Boy. His father is a commander in the Navy, Ralph shows his na�ve side when he tells piggy how once his father gets leave he'll come and rescue him. Ralph's main difference to Jack is that he has not altogether lost morality of his life prior to crash landing onto the island. Ralph in comparison to Jack is a lot more timid and sensitive, he does not share the aggression which emerges in Jack. Ralph however has an insensitive side at times, this is shown in the way he treats Piggy. ...read more.


Jack wishes to be seen as important and powerful, he feels because of his inability to kill the pig the boy's have no respect for him and so he plays on the boys' fear in order to gain respect. He challenges Ralph the elected chief. Jack has a short fuse and does not like to be criticised, he reacts to criticism with violence and aggression. "The bolting look came into his blue eyes...stuck his fist into Piggy's stomach. Jack picked on piggy and took out his frustration on him because he knew he was wrong. When Jack is behind the face paint he is an entirely different person, "liberated from shame and self-conscious." When Jack finally managed to kill the pig he felt a huge amount of pride, in his eyes he had regained the respect from the boys and proved himself to be an important powerful boy. Ralph and Jacks relationship gets off to a shaky start at the beginning of the first meeting. ...read more.


The boys are seen as worlds apart and rather then sorting it out and relating they ignore it and begin to play in a boyish manner in the bathing-pool. Ralph seems to show his resentment a lot more when Jack offers an apology for letting out the fire. Ralph wants Jack to know that he did something wrong and saying sorry will not make it better. Ralph feels it's a "verbal trick." And Jack because of his apology is seen as the bigger man. But Ralph soon asserts his leadership when he stood still, looking down, saying nothing, this forced the other boys to build a fire a few yards away even though it wasn't convenient. Ralph and Jack have come to a collision in an awkward place. Both are as confused as the other but Jack acts rather than thinking while Ralph analyses the situation. Jack is dominant with his body language and speech, which earns his respect but he wants sympathy and understanding. Ralph is much more approachable and friendly while always keeping a just and fair look on life. ...read more.

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