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Lord Of The Flies Alternative Ending

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Lord Of The Flies Alternative Ending Ralph was the first to spot Simon. He saw him stumbling down the mountain like a pathetic new born calf. His eyes were wide but heavy and tired at the same time. The camp stopped at a sudden and they watched Simon get closer and closer. Simon opened his mouth and began to talk. The blue-white scar was constant, the noise unendurable. Simon was crying out something about a dead man on a hill. Ralph strained his ears to try and listen but could not hear anything over the endless chants from the hunters. Then in such a quick second, the game had taken a terrible turn. Ralph caught a glimpse of Jack's eyes. They were fixated on Simon and were full of anger and fury. Then in that split second, Ralph realised that he should do something quickly for the sake of Simon. Somehow, he knew that they were going to do something terrible. The chanting was getting stronger and the storm was becoming harsher. Ralph broke through the circling hunters and grabbed Simon's arm. He pulled him through the mass of chanting savages and made him run a little way down the beach until they came to an opening to the forest. ...read more.


He won't let anyone show him the slightest bit of affection. It breaks my heart to see him like this. Anyway, what do I know? Here, let me show you to his room." Mrs Doon guided the guest through a long winding passage to the top of the house. He thought that is was never going to end. Suddenly they heard a small boy's voice crying out from the darkness. "Sounds like he's had another nightmare again. They happen nearly every night now. I don't know what to do for him anymore. Looks like you came at a good time doctor. We better go quickly now." Mrs Doon carried on up the stairs but this time with a little more speed. The doctor could see how drained and tired she was. He walked anxiously behind her. "He refused to return to his own room and so we converted the attic into a room. He never comes out of it. All he does is sit up there all day. I've offered to decorate it for him but he insists that he likes it the way it is. He also always has to say that he is the leader and we must do what he wants. ...read more.


He began to circle the old woman. The doctor grabbed Ralph's arm as an attempt to out him to bed again, but Ralph squirmed free of the grip and stood his ground in front of the terrified Mrs Doon. "What did I say? I said that I would get waxy if you tried to light that fire, didn't I? I want to be alone with the doctor so let us be!" The old woman shuffled nervously out of the room. "See what I mean?" she cried just as she left the room. Ralph jumped happily back into bed, satisfied with his victory over an adult. It was obvious that he had found someone he liked in the form of the doctor. Still clutching onto his drawing, he sat at the top of the bed, quite innocently, and not making a sound. The doctor stirred on his spot very cautiously and slowly made his way to a chair at the end of the bed. He began to say something, but stopped himself and sat there in his own thoughts for a few minutes. Then he began. He opened up his notebook and took out a pencil. "Now Ralph, I want you to start from the beginning and don't leave anything out. I want you to let out what has been eating away at you. It's your turn now." ?? ?? ?? ?? Claire Stainer G3 English coursework ...read more.

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