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Macbeth - Comparison between Act one Scene five and Act five Scene one.

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Comparison between Act one Scene five and Act five Scene one Scott Warner 11C In Act one scene five lady Macbeth reads out the letter sent to her from Macbeth about his recent meeting with the three witches. The letter tells the story of what the witches have said to him and Banquo, but in the letter he leaves out that he was with Banquo when he met with the witches. The witches say, lines 67-8 'Thou shalt be kings, though thou be none; So all hail Macbeth and Banquo!' this line says that they will not be kings in themselves but instead father kings in the future. Macbeth lies in the letter about these facts as he wants to be king himself and needs his wife's backing fully in order for him to become king. This seems to tell his wife that the witches have specially chosen him to be king. He wants his wife to think that he is brave and big enough to become king, by saying what the witch's have supposedly foreseen. ...read more.


The raven is used as it is a dark and savaging creature which adds to the darkness theme of the play. Shakespeare often refers to animals, birds and reptiles during the play especially dark, gloomy and slimy ones all adding to the themes of the play snakes and serpents are used often during the play. When Macbeth first enters the room lady Macbeth is very happy and exited with the news she has heard and greets him as if he was already king. She has already started to plot to kill the king, Duncan, before she has even spoke with Macbeth which seems to show that she is just as bitter and ambitious as Macbeth is. He says hello to lady Macbeth when he first sees her in a very loving, positive and ambitious way and then says how Duncan is coming and then leaving the next day or so he thinks which means that they are both in the same mind set that they are going to kill Duncan at the first chance that they get and cover up the murder in order to make Macbeth the King. ...read more.


worried about the murder that she would have to be involved in in order for her husband to be king, but in Act five scene one her feelings have change dramatically. She now feels as if everyone is suspecting her of the murder and she is personally feeling very guilty about the killings and is showing this by the way she is trying to wash the blood from her hands over and over again. The blood is a sign of death, murder and viciousness. She is very worried that someone will find out and is feeling very pressurised until at the end of the scene she feels she is forced to tell of the horrible act that she has just committed and does eventually reveal it to the Doctor and gentlewomen in this scene. She says 'what's done is done' and then quickly retreats to her bed after the revelations. The two decide not to speak about what has just been told to them as they are worried that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth may want to kill them next if they cause any sought of out cry. 1,130 words ...read more.

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