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Malcolm: A Good King?

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English: Macbeth Malcolm: A Good King? In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Malcolm is one of the more cautious characters in the play. He has the ability to realise appearances can be deceitful and that the person on the outside may not be as innocent as he or she is putting across. As Duncan's son he is the natural heir to the throne and is eventually made king at the end of the play after the death of Macbeth. Malcolm has a reasonably good relationship with his somewhat na�ve father. After his father's death he is full of sorrow and wants to express his feelings. He feels all the attention is on Macbeth and his wife who seem to be displaying grief in the extreme. ...read more.


However Malcolm continues with the words, "but I have none: the king - becoming graces as justice, verity, temperance...," At this point Macduff feels Malcolm could be a worse tyrant than Macbeth and could not compare with Duncan, a 'Most sainted king.' Malcolm then reveals that he has been testing Macduff. Malcolm then withdraws all he has said about himself. "What I am truly is thine, and my poor country's, to command. He has confused Macduff, but achieved his aim of assuring Macduff's loyalty. In battle against Macbeth he has the wisdom to disguise the size of his army by getting them to hide behind the boughs of trees. He gives the worthy Macduff the honour of leading them into battle. ...read more.


Malcolm would make as he was prepared to do what was needed to make the country better, even if it meant being slightly deceitful himself. He tested peoples' loyalty as his father had trusted people to easily which in the end played against him and Malcolm wasn't prepared to let the same thing happen again. This shows he was affected by the death of his father and that he was extremely cautious as to whom he trusted. This will serve as a good quality into kingship as he will be very hard to trick into being overthrown or even murdered. He knew what was needed for his country and was as good a king a king as his father was, with the new quality of testing peoples loyalty, which could maybe show his fathers death was of some use. ...read more.

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