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Many modern critics have suggested that by the end of the play the audience may feel Juliet is a stronger character than Romeo. Do you Agree?

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Many modern critics have suggested that by the end of the play the audience may feel Juliet is a stronger character than Romeo. Do you Agree? To say that Juliet is stronger than Romeo, is a statement which requires in depth research into the play and a full understanding of it. I will now assess the areas that we have studied, showing strengths and weaknesses of both Romeo and Juliet. Act 2 Scene 2. This is the scene which arguably makes Juliet stand out as an established, strong character over Romeo. She opens the scene as a young girl, admiring Romeo, craving for his return. O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? She forgets Romeo's real identity, forgetting that for them to be together would be an insult to her family. She even makes a claim to abandon her family. Deny thy father and deny refuse thy name...And I'll no longer be a Capulet. A modern audience would find this a perfectly normal thing to say as today people very rarely enter a relationship, with the acceptance of a parent. However in Elizabethan times, it was considered a sin to enter a relationship without the parents permission. When Romeo reveals himself, he shows signs of weakness from the start. He speaks in riddles, he complicates things using his rehearsed oxymorons. ...read more.


She fears her trust in the friar, that it may be a trick, that she may wake up the following morning and have to be married to Paris, and lead a miserable life without Romeo. Or even a potion that would kill her. What if it be a potion which the friar Subtly hath ministered to have me dead. Her reasons for being suspicious of the friar come from the fact that her marriage is a sin. She married without her parent's permission. Juliet believes that the friar may be dishonoured by his actions and would no try and undo his ways, so he may continue his life as a holy man. Lest in this marriage should he be dishonoured, Because he should be dishonoured, Because he married me before to Romeo? Juliet contemplates death, considering her marriage is based on a sin, believing to be condemned straight to hell. She is scared for her own safety as she considers the consequences of the potion. She is afraid that she may wake up too early and find herself surrounded by her dead relatives, including the recently murdered Tybalt. She is anxious for her sanity, she fears that if she is to wake too soon, she will go mad among her relatives dead bodies. And madly play with my forefathers' joints. ...read more.


Act 5 Scene 3,the final scene. Romeo enters the temple to find Paris, praying for Juliet. Despite not being aware of Paris' arranged marriage to Juliet, Romeo kills Paris nevertheless. Out of sheer anger and frustration, he takes an innocent life. He then speaks over Juliet, before taking the potion and dying. Juliet wakes up soon after and then stabs herself, seeing Romeo dead. Even in death Juliet shows more 'strength' than Romeo. One would say Romeo takes the easy path to death. One drop of potion and he dies quickly and painlessly. Juliet on the other hand, stabs herself. Presumably a much slower and more painful end to life. Juliet has the will inside her to thrust the dagger into her flesh, and the strength of mind to refrain from removing it. This is a sign of great strength by Juliet, despite the fact that she kills herself. The evaluation above, shows many strengths and weaknesses of both Romeo and Juliet. However, when you look at the play and this evaluation. It is fairly clear to see that Juliet is indeed a stronger character than Romeo. She is mature and sensible for her age. She has control over the relationship in the Balcony Scene. When coping with loss, she overcame it and reacted responsibly. Even in death, she endured Romeo in strength of will and mind. I conclude this evaluation by firmly stating that Juliet is a stronger character than Romeo. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Hill 10r3 5/12/06 1 of 6 ...read more.

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