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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein Mary Shelley's much celebrated novel, Frankenstein was published in the early 1800's. The novel established the birth of a new genre of writing, known as Scientific Horror; this form of horror was greatly welcomed during the early 1800's scientific breakthroughs and technology was seen as unfamiliar and thus left room for a lot of uncertainty and suspicion to dwell in the hearts and minds of the general public. She wrote Frankenstein while she was on holiday in Switzerland with her husband Percy Shelley and some friends. At the time when she was writing the novel the weather was very bad; so to pass time they wrote horror stories. In the novel Frankenstein at first goes to a scientific school to educate himself about how to create life. In the scientific school he meets a doctor who carries out many illegal experiments such as trying to create life (which was illegal). The doctor showed him all his experiments. Frankenstein found a book at the doctor's place which was all about creating life. However the jigsaw of creating life in the doctor's book was not complete and it was left to Frankenstein to complete the jigsaw as the doctor had been murdered by one of his patients who was later hanged for his horrendous deed. Frankenstein decided to begin his experiments in creating life. ...read more.


This shows us that he is still in a learning process like kids. He says 'my mind received everyday additional ideas'. This shows that he was receiving a lot of new ideas and was educating himself more about the world each day. Especially with no teacher teaching him. This shows he was intelligent. Also his ability to survive so long conveys that he has learnt many survival skills in a very short amount of time. He also begins to reckon with himself. He asks himself questions like, 'who was I?', and 'what was I'. This shows that he is slowly realising what he was and what his origin was. Since he is presented almost as if a new born baby in the novel, it shows that he is extremely intelligent for a new born baby and he is almost like a superhuman. He says that 'I distinguished the insect from the herb, and, be degrees, one herb from another. This also presents the monster as a very intelligent person. This is because it takes a long time before babies can distinguish between things whereas the monster is being able to distinguish between things almost immediately. In the novel the monster also presents him as being extremely lonely, alone, isolated and treated with no respect wherever he goes. The monster says 'no father had watched my infant days, no mother had blessed me with smiles and caresses'. ...read more.


As we know from before the monster feels for other people and is caring. However when it comes to his creator he will show no mercy and compassion towards him. This shows that the monster is slowly becoming violent and cannot live with himself and beginning to be filled with hatred. Throughout the whole novel the monster presents himself in many different ways. The first impression we get of the monster is extremely negative and the reader begins to feel that the monster is going to be some horrid creature. However when the monster begins to narrate his own situation the reader begins to feel sympathetic towards the monster and all of a sudden the reader's first impressions of the monster have been changed and they begin to feel sorry for the monster. The reader also discovers that the monster is like every other human but with different characteristics which make him look like some other creature. Most of the people in the novel judge him on his characteristics. Mary Shelley could have been giving out many messages throughout the novel. One message that she could have been trying to give out throughout the novel is that 'Man should not play God or he will suffer for it'. Mary Shelley lived at a time of rapid scientific discovery and perhaps she is a fear of science and its powers. Another message she maybe tried to give throughout the novel is parents should look after their children and children need love and support if they are to grow into responsible humans. ...read more.

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