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Media Coursework

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Media Coursework I have been asked to analyse by giving presentational devices and persuasive techniques. The name of the leaflet is The Lake District Coast Aquarium in Maryport, it is advertising the Aquarium. The leaflet is aimed at all ages it is especially aimed at children because it has a picture of an animated octopus. Many presentational devices are used in this leaflet including colour, photographs, bold text and it has a big bold blue title which catches the attention of people. There are quite large pictures of fish up-close, the background of the leaflet if blue which makes the reader think that a sea is there. The pictures are used in this leaflet are pictures of the fish that can be found in the aquarium; they are up-close pictures and make them look interesting. ...read more.


The colours are mostly blue because that gives reference that it is linked with the sea. There are many examples of persuasive language that will encourage people to go to the aquarium Some of these are "Careful contact with rays and starfish", means that when it says careful contact it could mean that it means that the starfish and the rays are dangerous and exciting this could be aimed out to small children who like excitement and adventure. "Cuttlefish changing colour as they watch you pass", could mean that when you are watching the exciting cuttlefish they watch you and they change colour Children would be captivated by this and will wonder for all of the day how they change. "Small sharks that glide effetely past " this is a very powerful statement saying that sharks are the kings of the sea as they glide past with no trouble people of all ages will be captured by this small but yet strong statement. ...read more.


"Crashing waves" sound big and bold so it sounds cool. This is for anyone as it is not scary and sounds fun. Overall, it is clear that words have been chosen to create the maximum effect. Ellipsis is used repeatedly in the text to hold suspense and to also continue the sentence instead of having a large chunk of text which is boring to read. It grabs the exciting parts and suggests that they want to put a point forward about the excitement of the aquarium. I think that the leaflet would convince people to go to the aquarium because as soon as you see the leaflet it attracts attention. It has an effective layout and the right colours have been used in the right places. Also, the information that us used in the leaflet is very interesting as the pictures and the text encapsulate the positive things about the aquarium. ?? ?? ?? ?? Steven Bell 9X1 Media Coursework ...read more.

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