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Media Coursework - Charities

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What techniques do the writers of the British Red Cross and the Amnesty International appeals use to influence and have a powerful effect on their readers? Both adverts, the British Red Cross appeal and the Amnesty International appeal are written for the same reason... to get sympathy from the readers and to persuade them to financially support the charity. The reader needs to be convinced there is a strong reason to commit to the charity if they are to hand over part of their income. Although the two appeals are both very, very affective, they are both laid out in totally different ways. The writer's of both appeals have created highly persuasive appeals using emotive and intensely personal language. It is very carefully and cleverly constructed and a logical reason to donate to the charity is developed throughout both. The Amnesty International appeal is set out in columns which makes it look like a newspaper advertisement, it is very attention grabbing and this style really breaks up the content, this makes the readers want to read it as it's not just a bunch of words all together. ...read more.


She said goodbye to her daughter, Nadia, knowing she might never see her again." this quote shows the massive scale of people that left the Krajina, it also shows us that Slana is having to make sacrifices by saying goodbye to her daughter because she along with her son are too weak to leave with the crowd. They are now stuck in a wooden shack which has probably been thrown together, it has no electricity or gas. This shows the lack of money and the poor state of life. The quote "Slana's story shows only too well that, in winter, people depend on the Red Cross even more." shows us that people are desperate for help and are completely dependant on charities for help. "With a gift of �15, a mobile Red Cross team could ensure that someone like Slana has fuel for cooking and heating. Could you give that �15?" the writer has made this quote bold so it really stands out, the writer uses a rhetorical question here to make us think 'can we give that 15?' , the fact that this isn't a huge amount of money to us, but can do so much for the people like Slana makes us feel that its worth giving it to them so they can change someone's life. ...read more.


In the quote "Initially it's just harassment, threats and phone calls." the key word is 'just' this makes it seem like nothing, and the situation seems calm. "To continue to speak out against the State at this stage takes enormous courage." this quote uses emotive language and tells us that the State is very strong and it will take something with a lot of guts to stand up to the State and speak their mind. "You're simply 'lifted' from the street in full public view" this suggests that you are just an object, humiliated in front of the public. "It serves as a useful warning to anyone else who may be thinking the same dangerous thoughts." this quote suggests that it's showing others what happens if you talk you mind and stand up against the State. Overall both of the charities are very effective, however I think that the British Red Cross appeal is more persuasive and shows how genuine the charity actually is, where as the Amnesty International appeal is more like a law book and doesn't look very good. If I was to choose a charity to donate to I would choose the British Red Cross advert because you've seen two different examples of people it's helping. ...read more.

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