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Merchant of venice

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English coursework for The Merchant Of Venice A comedy is a play, movie etc, of light witty characters with a happy or cheerful ending. In Shakespeare's time people would find things funny such as women dressing up as men and a person being tortured slightly not extremely. In this play there is a part when characters are in the court where the Jew has given up and taken the money just before that Gratiano had said "O upright Judge! Mark Jew: O learned Judge!" This shows him mocking Shylock as he said it before because he knew h was winning but at his loss he is mocked and this is also repeated again by Gratiano when Portia sentences the Jew to nothing but the penalty. This would be shown as comedy in the Shakespearean audience because a person is getting mocked and put in his place which would be considered funny in Shakespearean times. Venice is a place where there is much hatred and people went against the Jews because of the religion they practiced. When a Jew is talked to he would be talked to like a pathetic person incapable of anything. "You call me a misbeliever, cut throat dog and spit upon my Jewish gabardine" This shows that the Christians really hated the Jews and ...read more.


The quote supporting this is when she with Prince Morocco. "Go draw aside the curtains and discover the several caskets to this no0ble prince, now make your choice" This shows she went through with her father's wishes. In Venice the characters are ruled by harsh realities of life whereas in Belmont the difficulties tend to go away like in a fairy tale .Lancelot has been made so at Elizabethan times people would have a clown. You laugh as much at him as with him in this play. When gobbo comes in he tries having fun at his father's expense. He tells his father he's not his son then at the end admits it. This type of teasing and baffling the older people is traditionally comic. When Bassanio enters Launcelot is made as much of a fool as his father. His appearance is described in his name Gobbo which in Italian means hunchbacked. When talking to Bassanio Launcelot acts idiotic, swapping words e.g. when he says: "Indeed, the short and the long is" This quote shows some comic parts to it using confusion. When Shakespeare was writing this play he used word play for this another example of this is: "I hope, an old man, shall frutify unto you." ...read more.


The audience could sympathize with Shylock because of the life he's led. He's a Jew and his faith has led him to be undermined by others. His only way of making money is usury which is frowned upon by Christians. "The devil can cite scripture for his purpose" Just before Antonio said this in Act 1 scene 3 Shylock had told a story from his faith. Antonio referred to him as a devil who can quote anything for himself. The audience would sympathize with him because3 they're calling him a devil due to his religious speech. Shylock is always made the fool in conversations especially since his daughter ran away, he's characterised as a devil yet again. He becomes the joke Act 3 scene 1 when he's talking with Solanio and Salerio They tease him so much in this scene about the loss of Jessica. When he says that his daughter is his own 'flesh and blood' Salerio says Jessica and Shylock have very little in common. 'There is more difference between thy flesh and hers than between jet and ivory. He's mocked over and over mercilessly by Salerio and Solanio. Act 5 does provide a happy ending the concepts of justice and law are analysed in this scene Shylock is defeated but fairly as Portia gives him a lot of opportunities to just take the money and go but he didn't take it. ...read more.

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