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Mercutio and Tybalt - Hero’s or villains? Explore the nature of these two characters’ and comment on their roles in the play.

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Mercutio And Tybalt: Hero's Or Villains? Explore The Nature Of these Two Characters' And Comment On Their Roles In The Play. During the play of Romeo and Juliet I have noticed Tybalt to be a naturally aggressive man. As Tybalt first appears in the play in Act One Scene I, his first words are - "What, art thou drawn among the heartless hinds? Turn thee Benvolio, look upon thy death." This immediately turns the atmosphere very serious. Tybalt has entered the play in search of a fight. The audience would notice his appearance and passion for fighting. Benvolio tries to calm Tybalt to which Tybalt replies - "...peace? I hate the word..." This again proves what a 'violent hungry' man Tybalt is. Tybalt is a member of the Capulets. Tybalt is never seen to have any close friends so we never see him showing any kind of affection. He doesn't refer or make contact with any women throughout the play. When Tybalt appears again in Act One, scene v he is at the Capulets' party. ...read more.


Tybalt is still seeking revenge. They fight as Romeo is enraged about Mercutio's death and feels responsible. Tybalt is killed. Mercutio plays a totally different role in the play to Tybalt; the only thing they have in common is their passion to fight. Mercutio enters the play in Act One, scene iv. Mercutio is in a strange, romantic mood and he is trying to persuade Romeo to go the Capulets party. As soon as Romeo mentions a dream, Mercutio launches into a fanciful account of Queen Mab who travels into peoples' dreams. The audience would be enjoying Mercutio's presence and they would be relaxed with his humour. Mercutio next appears in Act Two, scene I when his speeches are full of vulgar, sexual innuendo's. This would be a side to Mercutio that the audience has not encountered. They would be amused as he plays with words to give them double meanings. "To raise a spirit in his mistress' circle," The combinations of vulgarity show how Mercutio uses his wit to entertain. ...read more.


He puts on a brave act and still is humorous. Mercutio curses the Capulets and Montagues just before he dies - "A plague on both your houses!" This is linked to the woeful ending of the play. The audience would have been rueful with Mercutio's death, as he was a joyful and humorous character in the play. He never understood the real relationship between Romeo and Juliet. He lusted after women and only used them for sex and never knew what it is to love. The three key factors Shakespeare has used in the play Romeo and Juliet are humour, love and violence. All these combined make an exemplary play. I know from my essay that Tybalt and Mercutio share totally different qualities in the play. Tybalt plays a very aggressive role, he entertains the audience with violence. Mercutio, he plays a very characteristic role in the play. He can humour the audience and also use violence to entertain them. From my essay, if I had to choose one hero out of Mercutio and Tybalt I would choose Mercutio. This is because of his bravery, loyalty and his ability to entertain the audience. 2 1 By James Grove. 10 Laing. Mrs Terry. ENGLISH ...read more.

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