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Missing Scene From Romeo And Juliet

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Task: Write a scene in Romeo and Juliet to fit in with the rest of the play. Think about what the characters would say and the dialog they would use. What imagery might be found and what and what your scene adds to the play. Act1 Set in Verona Town Square: A servant of the Prince stands on the statue in the centre. Servant of the Prince: Hear yee, Hear yee, through Royal appointment of the Prince of Verona I hear by announce there shall be a Royal ball in Celebration of his engagement to his beautiful bride. All of whom are of worthy blood shall be expected to attend at the Prince's request and any invitation reject shall be seen upon as a slur upon the Prince's hospitality. Set in Montague's house over looking the town square. Montague: Dear we have much to prepare our selves for. ...read more.


Our families are locked in eternal conflict like the gates of Hell to the damned. So all that one can do is simply fight till glory be bestowed upon our worthy family or death and dishonour stains our noble name for a time longer than death. Now let us stop this we have much to prepare. Ready our children and siblings. Montague shouts! Montague: ROMEO! BENVOLIO! BOYS OF THIS HOUSE COME HITHER! TONIGHT WE GO TO THE PRINCE'S. Set in the Capulet household. Servant Returning From Market: CAPULET, (panting) CAPULET! I bring news. A Royal Ball is to be held tonight in celebration of the Prince's engagement to his most beautiful lover, the Venetian Princess, Rosaline. The Prince commands all of noble birth to attend and the noblest of families. This house is so, so therefore we must attend or feel the Princes wrath. ...read more.


SON OF A WHORE! Capulet (shouts): HOW DARE THEE NSULT MY SISTER, UNWORTHY PIG. DRAW YOUR SWORD AN LET ME TEACH YOU TO INSULT A CAPULET. Montague: HA! You threaten a boy for you no death would swiftly strike you down if you challenged a real man. I TAKE UP YOUR ... The Prince comes out to see what is wrong: SILENCE! If one sword be struck between your families. I SWEAR MY WRATH SHALL BE DISTRIBUTED SO SEVERLY UPON BOTH OF THY FAMILIES STANDING ERECT BEFORE ME. Now come hither join my ball and your conflict shall cease hither or hither you shall remain outcast on the doorsteps of my land and Verona is my land. Now! Come! Romeo dances with many girls but then sees a girl of startling beauty. He approaches her and starts to talk to her. Her name is Rosalyn. Missing Scene From Romeo & Juliet Scene 0:Act 1 By Petar Radjenovic ...read more.

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