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Mothers feelings.

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Coursework Assignment: Personal Writing-Fiction Scene 1: Mothers feelings. In anger Albert slammed the door behind him after he had the argument with his mother. She stares at the door after Albert abruptly slammed the door. After a couple of minutes she starts to walk slowly towards the kitchen. She sighs heavily and reaches for the kettle on the bright wooden kitchen table. Mrs Stokes puts the kettle on heavily onto the food unit .She gradually picks up Albert's dinner plate from the table and puts it slowly inside the kitchen sink. The humming noise of the kettle gradually starts to get louder. She staggers towards the living room. Walking heavily she does not blink or move her head, as if she had lost someone very important in her life. She sinks into her antique couch and just lies there thinking about Albert. The kettle starts to boil vigorously with a very high pitch sound it is heard throughout the whole house. ...read more.


She wants a very good relationship with. She has blonde hair; slim with good build and hazel eyes. Amy: I have been waiting here for over half an hour. Where Have you been! Albert: Sorry Amy, I had an argument with my mother. Amy: Oh sorry, I didn't know it was because of that. What Happened? Albert: You see she wanted me to stay at home and help her Do things for her. She wanted me to play cards with her and I refused. I don't what to do. Amy: Its ok, you can talk to me. Albert: thanks at least you don't force me to do anything. I Have to tell my mum that I am not a child anymore and that I also have a life to live. Amy: You should talk to her about how you want no hassle And live life independently. Amy tells Albert very important things about his mother. Albert at this point is depressed but has Amy there to comfort her. ...read more.


Mrs Stokes watches his reaction closely. Albert feels sorry for his mother and accepts. Albert: ok we will have a quick game. Mother: Thank You Albert. Albert: Mum, I must tell you something. I am 28 years old And I must be independent now. You should be able to trust me when I go out and not keep on nagging at me all the time as if I was a teenager. Mother: You are the only I have left. What will I do if you Go? Albert: Don't worry mum, I will always visit you and will be They're for you. Albert makes his mother understand that he is independent now and must live his own life. Mother: I understand dear. Albert: Thanks mum for listening. Soon after Albert told his mum how he felt Mrs Stokes accepted that Albert must be independent and she should not shout or force him do something he does not like. A couple of days later Mrs Stokes meets Albert's Girlfriend and they all have a long discussion. Five months later Albert and Amy get married. Albert still visited his mother very often. By Mohsin Bhyat ...read more.

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