How does the passage 'Taking on the World" portray Ellen MacArthur's thoughts and feelings?

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How does this passage bring out the thoughts and feelings of Ellen MacArthur

as she sails alone in a race around the world?

Ellen MacArthur’s thoughts and feelings change throughout the passage. Our view of Ellen also changes as we continue reading. “I had worked through the night preparing for it, making sure I had all the tools, mouse lines…agonized for hours over how I should prepare the halyard” We can see here that Ellen is very serious about sailing since she was preparing the whole night and is determined to win the race. “…so that it would stream out easily below me and not get caught as I climbed.” Ellen is also taking lots of precautions, thinking of all the possibilities that could happen. She wants to make sure that everything is in place and that she will be safe while sailing. “When it got light I decided that the time was right.” This short sentence portrays confidence in the writer. “The most dangerous thing apart from falling off…” Ellen also knows the dangers she might face and has prepared herself well in case something might happen. She is determined, focused and self-assured.

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At the beginning we believe that Ellen is strong and fearless, she knows what she's doing since she is a professional, however, as the passage progresses we can see Ellen slowly becoming worried and nervous when she loses control over the boat."...I felt almost as if I was stepping on to the moon- a world over which I had no control." Although Ellen is experienced in sailing this is a whole new level of sailing for her. This phrase is also a simile since in reality the writer describes what it felt like climbing up the mast. We can ...

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