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Mrs. Bundren. My mother is not a duck. My mother is a fish, said Vardaman. He had just come from helping to get the team ready to go to town.

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Mrs. Bundren ? Me and Anse have known one another ever since we were little 'uns. We grew up together from the very start of things. We were around each other constantly, and so much, in fact, that people say we look exactly alike. Fancy that. Anyhow, my maw and his pa lived right down the street from one another from the time my memory began to develop all the way to when we were almost eighteen years old. Those two never really got along well, so they tried to keep us from seeing one another at all. But, these attempts were futile. We often would take our ponies (or our horses when we were older) and ride them out into the forest, all the way to a gigantic oak tree. ...read more.


"No hunny, your mother was a person, but she isn't a person anymore because she is dead" I said, after a long silence. Vardaman just sat and contemplated about what I had said. "Anse, come on. We're fixin' to wait too late to go," I said. Me, Anse, and Vardaman were going to New Hope to get a horse. "Don't you holler at me like that," said Anse. "If you rush me too bad, I'll work up a sweat and when it kills me, you will be sorry." "Well, I just want to get home by nightfall, Anse." Vardaman still sat there in confusion, looking intensely at what seemed like open space and air. It wasn't long until we headed up the team and got into the wagon. It was hot under the summer sun, even in mid-morning. ...read more.


But then it happened- Vardaman came from behind him and pushed him with all his might off of the bridge to a gruesome death. His head had busted open; the life of him was flowing with the water. Vardaman ? I saw pa sweating. I know he was sweating. But pa is a strong man, and he didn't want me to know that it was killin' him. He swallowed the pain right up. I didn't wanna see that it had kilt pa though. A fish out of water will die. I reckoned that I had to save him. So I put him back in the water, where he belongs, so that he wouldn't die. I wanted him to go live with maw. Darl ? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Darl, is that why you were laughing, because your aunt and Vardaman have seen your pa die? Goddamn you. Goddamn you. ...read more.

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