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Murderer.Tom hated Mr.Diver since he first met him. Mr.Diver is a fat man with hardly any neck. Mr.Diver is a bus driver.

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Sanjayan Ravi Murderer It was an exquisite day. A 15-year-old boy called Tom who is in year 11 at Charlton high school. Tom is a skinny boy with brown hair and blue eyes. Tom walks to school every school day. As Tom walked he thought back at the day he had yesterday. "It wasn't bad" Tom said to himself. But there is always something in your self, which says opposite to whatever you say or do. It's of course your mind and it said "No you didn't you had an awful day yesterday. You killed a man!" Yes, Tom did kill a man and he is called Mr.Diver. It's not because he wanted to kill him it's because he had to if he want to see his mum and dad together. He wanted his mum and dad together since they divorced. They divorced when Tom was very little so he doesn't have that much memory of his mum and dad together. Mr.Diver is Tom's mum's future husband. Tom hated Mr.Diver since he first met him. Mr.Diver is a fat man with hardly any neck. Mr.Diver is a bus driver. ...read more.


He didn't make sudden movements or speak to Mr.Diver too much because he never speaks to Mr.Diver normally. Tom kept penknives in his pocket and waited for exact moment to come. The moment came when Mr.Diver asked Tom if he want something to eat? Tom thought that when Mr.Diver is preparing the food he could go behind him and stab him. "Do you want anything to eat Tom?" asked Mr.Diver again. "Can I have a sandwich please?" said Tom. "I'll make one quickly," said Mr.Diver. When Mr.Diver went to the kitchen to make a sandwich Tom went quietly behind him. Tom stopped near the kitchen door for a few seconds and took two penknives out. Tom saw that Mr.Diver is showing his back to him so Tom seized the chance and walked behind Mr.Diver and stabbed him once in the back and once in the neck. Tom put the body in Mr.Diver's car, which was a bit far away from Tom's house so it would look like when Mr.Diver got on the car someone stabbed him. ...read more.


When he and his mum came to their house they saw that the police was in. "Don't worry they just taking photos of the scene," said Tom's mum. Tom now felt that his next step was to tell his father what happened and say to him that he should speak to Tom's mum and tell her exactly what happened and the reason for Tom to kill Mr.Diver and Tom believed by this his mum and dad would come together. The following Friday Tom met his dad and his dad asked him what happened to Mr.Diver and Tom told him exactly what happened and told him to say to his mum. His dad told him that he will talk to her and advised him to don't kill any one again. The following day when Tom woke up he saw that his dad was with his mum and his mum was crying and asked Tom "Why did you do this? You should've told me that you don't like Mr.Diver and you shouldn't have killed Mr.Diver" " I'm sorry mum," said Tom "Now on we'll forget what happened in the past and thing of what will happen in future," said Tom's dad. ...read more.

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