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My advancement of learning

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My advancement of learning It was unusually hot that day and the beach was busier than normal, me and my friend josh, both decided we wanted to go for a swim in the sea, but this wasn't normal for me, I had never been in the sea before, I had always had a fear of jellyfish, I have had this fear for the whole of my life. Apparently so I'm told by my mum I got this phobia of jellyfishes from a little play toy in my bubble bath, apparently I cut myself on it and never liked them since. When I was a little younger than I am now I used to be so scared of the jellyfish that whenever a nature program had come on I used to be scared to watch it or even demand the television t be turned to another program. ...read more.


After five minuets of waiting my mum came up to me once again and said jay come with me, the doctor is coming and he will be here quicker than the air helicopter, I was familiar with this doctor as he had seen me many times before in the past. It was a struggle to walk up to my flat which would normally be a five or six minute walk to about fifteen minuets, along the way we stopped of at the security box, the life guard there pulled out this syringe and a jam jar looking container containing a clear liquid, a the time I had a phobia of needles so I refused to let the life guard touch me with it. I then struggle to my top floor flat, four floors high and then lied on my back waiting for doctor fabrizzion. ...read more.


Then he left I had flour all over me and a red raw stomach, I was in bed not being able to move for twenty four hours. Once I was able to get up and walk around I had people one after the other saying how brave I was. This actually made me feel kind of good. After four days of keeping my stomach out of the sun and being in great pain, the scares started to gradually go down. By the end of the holiday I had overcome my fear of jellyfish and experienced a day I had been avoiding the whole of my life. Every holiday since the holiday I got stung by a jellyfish I have been able to go in the sea and not even thought twice about being scared of jellyfishes. ...read more.

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