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My First Experience with Games.

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GAM-150 9/15/02 My First Experience with Games Wow, my very first experience? To be honest, I don't remember enough about my very very first experience to have a sufficient amount of material for an entire paragraph, let alone a paper. Therefore, I'll write about several of my first experiences. My Dad is in the Air Force, and when I was a kid around the ages of 3-6, we were stationed on an air base in Germany. Now when we first got there, mom was taking these German language classes. We'd just moved so we only had one car, so we usually all went. Dad and I weren't involved in the class, so we'd go to the bowling alley on base and have cheeseburgers and sit and talk. Besides that time period being one of my very favorite memories, it was also the first time I experienced the glorious splendor of the arcade. I was probably 4 or 5 years old, and I could just barely see up over the control surface on an arcade cabinet, but it didn't matter. ...read more.


It was years and years after that period of time before I ever got a home console, but every chance I got, whenever I saw an arcade, it was like "ooh ooh, I wanna go I wanna go!!." I'm just a little more subdued now, but I still get just as excited. Now, for the second of my major introductions to video games, this one I actually remember. This also took place during my first time living in Germany. Mom and I were at the commander's house one day, I think mom was having coffee with his wife. When you were growing up, did you ever know that one kid that had every toy, no matter what it was he had at least one? Well the commander's kid was definitely one of those. He had an NES. I of course at the age of 4 or 5 had no idea what it was, but I found it completely fascinating. He tried to show me how to play Super Mario Bros. ...read more.


I spent untold numbers of hours playing Metroid, and RC Pro Am, Silkworm, Xexyz (a classic platformer nobody's ever heard of.) There were so many, a side-scrolling shooter called Seicross, of course SMB, The Wrath of the Black Ninja, Bad Dudes, Double Dragon 2. All those awesome fighter games from NES days. There was also this zapper game called "To the Earth" I adored. I was horrible at it, but that didn't matter. Then there was the magic Christmas, I got my NES. I didn't even expect it to happen. I'd already opened all my presents, and I had gone in to my room to look for something, I came back, and there was this huge box on the floor. I tore open the paper, and WHOA!!!!! MOM, YOU GOT ME A NINTENDO!!!!! Ok, I just did a word count, and I'm up to almost 900 words. As that exceeds 500, I need to stop the rambling. Those three sets of events were the pivotal time periods in my life that led to my current love affair with all things gaming. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for that time in Germany. ...read more.

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