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My holiday.

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My holiday had started, I arrived at the airport and walked into the massive complex which was filled with eager tourists, some who had been waiting for hours for their flight or some who where waiting for their loved ones. My mind was just thinking about the departure, the take off, the scenery form inside the aeroplane once taken off. I was thinking how exciting my first plane ride was going to be. I was nervous but everyone's nervous for the fist time I thought to myself. I remember lining up to be checked in, the line stretched back right to the entrance. The line was full of holiday makers which were angry that they had to wait. I considered I would never leave England! As my family finally approached the desk, which seemed we had been waiting for hours. My family and I were served by a smart, pleasant, and well spoken young lady who checked us in quickly, she told my family to meet in the departure gate. ...read more.


Everyone rushed onto the bus even though there was another bus behind the first. When everyone was on the bus it speeded on the outskirts of the runway. I could see different kinds of aeroplanes ranging from the smallest to the biggest. Some aircrafts were gigantic and you could hear there engines roar. I could see my aircraft in sight, the brightly coloured wings and tail were unnoticeable as they were painted orange, yellow, green and blue. What also made our aircraft stand out the most were its taxi lights which flickered on and off. Through the dirty window of the bus which had not been cleaned in ages I could see the size of the aircraft it was enormous. As the bus came to a halt the doors opened and it was a rush to get out like it was to get on the bus. Eventually I managed to touch the tarmac and see the full scale size of the aircraft. My family walked up the stairs that leaded to my escape from England and its cold weather. ...read more.


Our aircraft pulled back slowly, I was a tiny bit nervous and anxious what was going to happen. The pilot then again informed us what time our departure was and our estimated time for our landing. My mum leaned over and asked me if I was ok, I answered back and said I was fine but I was really nervous. The aircraft slowly rolled alongside the runway where aircrafts were taking off and landing. It was such an experience to watch this happening. The lights flickered down the stretch of runway which seemed to stretch for miles. Suddenly we approached the runway and came to a halt. I was still nervous and anxious but my excitement was overwhelming. I was wondering what would happen next. The aircraft jolted and slowly moved increasing its speed every few seconds. 10mph, 30mph, 90, mph, faster and faster. I could see the airport getting futher and further away. Without no warning the aircraft rotated into the air and into the clouds I was in the air and I loved it. Now my holiday had begun! 1 By Jonathan Bounds 10N2 ...read more.

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