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My Horror Story

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My Horror Story As the sun rose, it lit up the blood red sky, which reminded me of the tragic events that happened here not that long ago . . . . . . Across the rolling hills, an evenly distributed layer of shimmering crystals made my insides shiver with delight as I looked down upon the picturesque scene. Hi, my name is Nicholas Nickleby. At the moment I live in Haudington Vale, which is a small town in the Yorkshire Moors. Normally a calm, peaceful, secluded village, but ever since the "incident" it has become extremely infamous. I loved this village before, and continue to like it now, except for when I look out onto the fields remembering the disturbing images that still haunt my mind persistently. Nobody would have ever expected anything like that to happen here, which is why everyone was so flabbergasted and stunned at the situation. ...read more.


I always check out of my window, just to see if I can catch a glimpse of it once again . . . I live in the cottage, which is closest to the fields; I live with my mother Anne Nickleby and my father Michael Nickleby. We all spend a lot of time together, especially in the winter and I like that because I have not really got many friends in school. I'll tell you what happened as best as I can because it is all a scary blur now, but this is how it went . . . I was walking home from school last year, and it was now the October holiday. It had gone unusually warm for October, but nevertheless I was walking home - on my own as usual, and it was a normal evening, until about half past nine that evening. I went to take muffin (my pet dog) ...read more.


I was out looking at all of the Halloween preparations that the village was making. All the candlelit pumpkins were staring in a still glare, showing themselves to all people. We make a big deal of events like this, and I can honestly say that I do not understand why. However, on this particular evening the atmosphere was extremely eerie, but I couldn't put my finger on the cause. My head was still buzzing like a bee, questions flying around my head, wondering whatever happened to that blazing willow tree. This was the point when I finally made the decision to go up into the hills again to try and solve the mystery of what happened. It took me a quite a while to find the exact spot where I was before, as it was pitch black now, and my only light source was the dimmed light coming from my ancient touch. What I saw was unnatural. Twisted. I stood there, breathless. Silent. The only sound was my hasty breathing. You'll never believe what I saw . . . ...read more.

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