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My Short Story The first day I set foot inside the Sangatte Refugee Camp, I knew I wouldn't be staying there for long. As I walked through

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My Short Story The first day I set foot inside the Sangatte Refugee Camp, I knew I wouldn't be staying there for long. As I walked through the long, dark, narrow corridor I could see worried, distraught faces talking to people in the next room to them. They looked miserable, as if they were thinking the same as me. They didn't want to be here. I had been sent here from Iraq. The war was at its worst. People dying every second. The noise was terrifying; bomb blasts and gun shots filled the air. One night as I lay in bed I had an awful feeling that something was wrong. Suddenly there was an almighty roar. There was a huge blast as a bomb soared straight through the sky and landed directly into next doors house. The noise was unbearable. I had to get out of here and fast. I ran into my mum's room to find her cuddling my frightened sister. ...read more.


All questions, that remained unanswered. We arrived at the Sangatte Refugee Camp in the afternoon of the next day. This is when it all became real to me for the first time in three days. As I walked up the long, dark, dank corridor I had an instinctive feeling I wasn't going to be here for long. I didn't feel happy here. The misery on peoples' faces shone. Even though they were trying their best to conceal it, it didn't work. They looked distraught and homesick. That's when I realised I wasn't the only person longing to go home. In the next two weeks that followed lots of people tried to escape. They were always found. They never gave up they were determined to get into Britain. They thought of Britain as a place to start afresh and have a better life. It was the new Promised Land. I kept myself to myself for a long time. ...read more.


We met the others and we all left via the window of one of the downstairs dorms that had been left open by mistake. Once outside I felt very relieved at once. We were half way there already. We waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the guards of the terminal to go off duty. "NOW", shouted one man, I didn't even know him! We all ran towards the fence at once. I managed to climb over it with ease as I was only a teenage boy after all. I kept on running straight past the terminal. I was very tired by now and only just reached the dark, cold, scary tunnel. The tunnel that would lead to a brighter future. I sat down for a moment. The worst was now over just the tunnel to go. As I looked back I realised my beloved little sister and my mother had been left behind. My life would be nothing without them but did I dare go back for them? ?? ?? ?? ?? Tiffany Dustain Jupiter 10 ...read more.

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