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My wish for the world

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MY WISH FOR THE WORLD According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, 'world' means the earth with all its countries, people and natural features around us. Now, the world is craving for freedom. Can't people these days hear the earth's cry? It cry saying 'I want peace, I want no pollution, I want the rivers to run free and I want my nature back! The only thing man can care about is themselves. Nothing else. They don't realize it until one day they suffer. My wish for the world is simple like everyone else writing this wants it to be. I wish that the world is free from pollution. Pollution is the process of making air, water and many other things dirty. There are many type of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. Air pollution is harmful to all living organisms on this earth. Air pollution can exist in many type of states such as open burning, release of carbon monoxide from vehicles, cigarettes smoke and factories and haze. This may lead to many type of sickness such as difficulty in breathing, sore throat, cough, blurriness of vision and many more. ...read more.


For example, the war against Iraq and America. The need of oil to America has forced them to invade Iraq. This war is also caused by misunderstanding among leaders. Unlike Malaysia, Iraqians are living in misery because of lack of food. Malaysians live in peace and harmony. If all countries were like Malaysia, I am sure the world would be in peace forever. Furthermore, I wish that there would be no extinction in fauna. When an animal extinct, that means that no member of its species exist anymore anywhere in the world. Species extinct because of not being able to cope with the environment changes such as pollution and species evolution or hunters. The most unnatural phenomenon that causes animal to extinction is man's need to hunt animals for their parts. This is because there is a demand for animal parts such as fur and other medicinal purposes. Among the animal that used to exist but now are extinct are the auroches, dodo bird, woolly mammoth, dinosaurs, quagga, Tasmanian tiger and Steller's sea cow. Among the animals now on the endangered list are elephants, great apes, marine turtles, monarch butterflies, panda bears, American pikas, polar bears, rhinoceroses, snow leopard, tigers, whales and dolphins. ...read more.


If we could learn how to live close to nature and love it, definitely there wouldn't be any extinction. If extinctions continue, there wouldn't be any animals or plants left. Then, man will lose their source of food. We should understand that whenever nature is harmed, mankinds are the ones who is going to be most affected. I also wish that natural disasters wouldn't happen. Natural disasters are phenomenon which can cause death, destruction and leave harmful effects. So far, natural disasters have taken lives of billions including plants and animals. For instance, the tsunami tragedy which happened in December 2004. it took the lives of billions. The tsunami waves hit Jakarta, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. Many believe that this is a sign showing that our earth and the God are angry with us for destroying living plants and animals. By now, we should realize our mistakes and stop all activities that are destroying the earth. Because if we don't, we will pay for our mistakes when time comes. The world is a place for all living organisms and everybody should appreciate it by preventing the world from destruction in time to come. Lastly, I hope that all my wish for the world will come true. ...read more.

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