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neither mother is without guilt

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Blood Brothers by Willy Russell "Neither mother is without guilt" By Roshni Vora Blood Brothers is all about twin brothers that were separated at birth, one is given away to the wealthy upper class lady, Mrs Lyons, while the other is kept by the working class lady, Mrs Johnstone. In this essay we are going to discuss this statement whether "Neither mother is without guilt" and how far we would agree with this statement. Also we aim to consider all the dramatic irony techniques of the play and how Willy Russell uses them to help the dramatic effectiveness of the play. In this play the characters act in two stereotypical groups, the working class lady Mrs Johnstones and their family, and the middle class lady Mrs Lyons. It seems ironic that although the Mrs Johnstone family live on the small income that comes in the house they start off cheerful, compared to Mrs Lyons who never seems to be satisfied. This makes the audience see what is wrong in the lives of both families and all the created dramatic tension. ...read more.


She wouldn't feel guilty or regret it if she gave a child away, but would still be able to see him. Mrs Johnstone is a loving person, who is without guilt because she loves all her children and cares enough about them to put them in care: "They say I should put some of them in care, but I won't. I love the bones of every one of them. I'll even love these two when they came along." Once again Mrs Lyons tries to buy Mrs Johnstone off, but she says no. Mrs Lyons says: "How much?" Mrs Johnstone says: "Nothing, nothing! You bought me off once before..." She is not going to let Mrs Lyons buy her off again, as Mrs Johnstone isn't wrong but Mrs Lyons is. Next we shall consider the case against Mrs Lyons. What evidence is there to suggest she is guilty? We think Mrs Lyons is guilty because she forced Mrs Johnstone into giving her one of the babies. For example, the author lays emphasis on words such as: "Give one of them to me" these powerful words clearly represent that she is definitely being greedy. ...read more.


Also Mrs Lyons was only trying her best to fulfil her husband's dreams: "We've been trying for such a long time now...I wanted to adopt but...Mrs Lyons is well, he says he wanted his own son, not someone else's." She was only doing what was best and helping two people at once by giving her husband a son and helping Mrs Johnstone by taking one of her children, so she has one less mouth to feed. Overall, I think that both mothers are equally guilty. Mrs Johnstone is guilty because she had lied to her children by saying one of the twins has died: "He's gone. He's gone to heaven, love." As I have shown in the paragraphs above. Also Mrs Lyons is guilty because she separated a son from a mother, as she forced Mrs Johnstone to give her the child, and lied to her by making up some silly superstition as I have shown in my paragraphs above. So in the end I don't agree with this statement "Neither mother is without guilt" because Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone are both guilty in there own ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Roshni Vora ...read more.

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