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Not my problem!

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Not my problem! Scary stories always have a start and a finish. Yes, it can be boring. Wouldn't you like to read one with a punch line? Anyway, scary stories can be misleading, but being mislead can be like a scary story. Therefore, I bring you to the wonderful city called London, where Angie shouts at her mother telling her she wants to go back to Boston, anyway, my story begins here. Angie has always been the new girl at school with the rich mother and new house in the city. Everyone made fun of her clothes and brand name trainers, as their parents could not afford these things as hers could. The girls in her school even went as far as calling her names. Everyday she would run home crying, telling her mother about her day, yet her mother was hidden under stacks of papers and forms, but she didn't have time to hear it. She worked for a big company and was out every morning to night at conferences and just could not afford to listen to Angie whine everyday, so she always just said, " Not my problem". One day, the most popular boy at school, Josh Daniels, asked her out. First, she thought it was a joke until he held her hand and said, "You can trust me". ...read more.


"Knew this would come in handy one of these days". He said sickly to himself. He then threw her out of her window and she landed on the pavement. He pulled a black bag from his pocket and tied her up in it like some sort of laundry bag and laughed while walking away down the road with Marla in a bag over his shoulder. The next day it was announced on the news that a 14-year-old girl had ran away from home, and that if anyone knows where she is to contact the police right away. If only Angie had given some attention to the name on the screen, this story would not have happened. Later that night, Josh walked up to Angie's house and called at the door. When she answered, he said to her in a quiet voice, " Are you coming out? I really want to show you something, something I have never shown or even done before let alone shown anyone." She looked at him and said, " What? What are you talking about, if you want to show me, be quick I am suppose to be studying?" "Don't worry this wont take long." Angie was starting to get scared and did not know why he was here after all they did break-up. "Look, I have your surprise now". She did not know what else to do, so she opened the bag quickly and found Marla's body. ...read more.


Mark, yes that's what his called, changed my face for free, nice don't you think?" She could not take all of it in, so she just screamed at him and yelled, "What do you want, huh? Come to finish the job, or are you too scared, do you love me so much?" Strangely, he started to laugh. ".... No, good point though, well as they say, love is blind. Nevertheless, here I am, good as new". Angie looked over to the front door, and decided to keep him talking as long as possible so she could make a break for it. "So is that it then? Or, are you going to kill me?" "You know what, your right I should kill you!" He said while chasing her down the rest of the stairs, he caught her before she reached the door, grabbing her; he thrust her to the floor. "This way, we will always be together!" He then, killed her. By the time the police found her, he was dead beside her. She was hanging from a rope hung from the railing of the top stair, and he was shot. "It was a murder, she murdered him and then hung herself," the police officer said, as he shoved her body into the ambulance. When the police came to Angie's house to tell her mother what had happened, she closed the door in their face before saying, " Not my problem" Miriam kerbache 1,816 words ...read more.

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