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of mice and men creative writing

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Chapter one The early morning dew on the grass sparkled in the sunlight as it rose from behind the Gabilian mountains. The town of weed was silent, desolate and all you could hear was the flow of the river which was gushing in between the fresh green willows of the Salinas River. The mist was so fine all you could see was the top of the Gabilian Mountains. On the other side of the Salinas River slight dew glistened on the grass, of which there were branches overhanging the green murky pool. On the sandy bank there lay beneath the trees of which had leaves that were brittle from the sunlight. They would make a scurrying noise when the leaves are walked over. Rabbits leap and bound out from their warrens, full of energy from their sleep, going to sit on the golden sand. As the morning became brighter and more alive the wildlife came to arose from the dark to start a fresh new day. ...read more.


I can't believe you forgot already! I only told you like 15 minutes ago!" George looked at Lennie as if he was a little child who couldn't remember anything. George looked at him with disgust. "George, George, I am sorry, I really am sorry George." "Lennie just shut up and don't forget it again. I am not going to say it again." For a little while there was silence. All you could hear was the rustling of the sand and dust from the path. Then George said "come on its not long now, we will be here soon." As George and Lennie walked the final part to get to the ranch George told Lennie about his plans for them both to work on the ranch for a little while and collect some money and then get a place of their own with rabbit and chickens and other stuff. But George also told Lennie that he had to be on his best behaviour as they wanted work otherwise he wouldn't get to tent the rabbits. ...read more.


said George. "George, George I am sorry, I really am. I tried not to touch. I did George." Lennie said frightfully as he realised George was very irate with him. George looked at Lennie with anxiety as they ran from the town off Weed. They headed for the forest to make sure anyone that was searching for them wouldn't find them. "Bloody hell Lennie I knew that you couldn't go without getting into trouble. Five minutes I left you for, five bloody minutes. What the hell am I going to do with you?" "George I couldn't help it, you know I couldn't it just looked....." "JUST STOP THERE LENNIE!" "Its all ways sorry George, I didn't mean too. Well now you can sort it out I don't care!" Lennie looked at George with disappointment, but knew that he had done wrong. All Lennie could reply with was "I am sorry George, I forgot." From that point, on there was little sound all the way to the ranch. They walked for miles and miles on end on a long, boring and dusty road. There was not one mutter of a word. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Bennellick 11T English Coursework 1 ...read more.

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