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Of Mice and Men - What happens after the close of the novel?

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Chapter 7 The late summer sky was lit with the shimmering tones of the burnt amber sun, enclosed in a vivid colour palette of sunset. The colours blended and twisted to form a ceiling to the wide open canyon where George and Slim sat surrounded by crimson and brown vegetation. The empty silence was broken by the slight sound of a gentle wind echoing through the canyon along with the scuttling of a bottle green lizard exploring the small sandy dunes. The air was a muggy damp air that was more like steam or fog. As George looked over the vast dunes, he could see the cloudy distance through the fog and couldn't help but feel pessimistic about the future which lie ahead of him. Slim on the other hand was ready to go and trying to get George on his feet, George felt a sharp pull on his arm and stumbled to his feet. As they walked their feet disturbed small clusters of sand which consequently left a light trail behind them. ...read more.


There was no pool. No water. It was all a figment of the imagination. Slim, confused, walked over to George's side. "Are you alright George?... What happened?" "I dunno, one second there was a pool, then I was on the sand." "But I could see it, so where'd it go?" " It wasn't real. The heat is playing with our minds." "We Haven't eaten in days." " I know. We need to find some water." " Wait George. What's that up ahead?" "It's nothing' . Remember we're seeing things that aren't actually there. It's all in our minds." Further along the road was an inn. But George and Slim thinking it wasn't real continued there journey in the other direction. After a while the food supply was also coming to an end. George and Slim were eating more and more every day in a hope that they would have enough energy to reach a ranch or an inn. They sat down in a silence, Neither having enough energy to speak. Eventually they fell asleep on the warm blanket-like floor of the desert. ...read more.


George got Slim onto the spare seat and the innkeeper took them back to the inn and accommodated them with rooms, and told them when Slim was rested there were a few jobs that needed doing around the inn. George ad Slim set about doing them as soon as they could. Instead of being paid in money they were paid in supply's such a food, water and transportation. Slim and George left the inn after three weeks and went on there way. The innkeeper told them he would always welcome them if they were ever passing. George said " I don't think we'll be passing here for a while." " Well ok, but remember if your ever around." " Thanks. For all of your help." George and Slim were on their journey once more. They hoped to find some work on a ranch about eighty miles away the innkeeper told them about. As they were walking Slim said " Thanks George." " For what?" " Helping' me" " That's what travelling partners do. We look out for each other." " Well, Thanks again." Francheska Cook R10 G.C.S.E English Miss Stone Of Mice And Men Coursework Final Draft ...read more.

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