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Oliver Twist.

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Oliver Twist Oliver Twist is a prose fiction written by Charles Dickens. It is a story written in the nineteenth century. It is a story about a flump boy who lost his parents in the early age. In his bid for several he meets a lot of people some with negative impact on his life and some with positive impact on his life. It is my intention in this essay to discuss four characters (two with positive effect and two with negative effect on Oliver Twist's life) I will write about the first character who is Fagin. What does he affect Oliver's life? Fagin made to Oliver an old mattress so he could sleep in it. He gave him a meal to eat and to make Oliver love him or to make him his friend. How he affects Oliver? Fagin tries to make Oliver like him at the first time the met and to seen kind to Oliver, so now we know his first point and the second point to make Oliver one of his boys but as we know that he failed a achieve his aim. ...read more.


What happens to Mr.Brownlow at the end of the story? Mr.Brownlow, Oliver and Mrs Bedwin live in a nice place in the countryside in the greenside of the earth with beautiful fields, flowers and trees. My feeling about Mr.Brownlow? My feeling is he is a good gentleman because he did what no other man can do. First he gives to Oliver a nice place to live in and to grow up in a good place also he put the thief and his boys behind the bars. So I think that he is very good man. Mrs Bedwin plays a motherly role in the life of Oliver. She gives him a chance to grow up and live a sheltered life. She has positive impact on Oliver's life. Mr Brownlow's housekeeper for along time, she is plump, motherly looking, old lady, with a loving expression on her face. How does Mrs Bedwin affect Oliver? Mrs Bedwin affect Oliver by giving him a motherly affection, that is by making Oliver look up to her as a mother, like when the mother sees her only son ill, and she goes to do things that makes Oliver feel better. ...read more.


What happens to her at the end of the story? When Fagin knew that Nancy's had met Rose and Mr Brownlow on London Bridge. Fagin is enraged, he sent for Bill Sikes. And tells him the story of what happens to him and with that boy which is Oliver. Bill has always been a brutal man, took his pistol and cold-heartedly, he went to see Nancy. On this night Nancy was killed by from Bill Sikes with out any one knowing that except Fagin because he made Bill to kill her. My feeling about Nancy? Nancy on the first of the play or novel I didn't liker her because she tried to get Oliver into trouble and problems. But at the end of novel of the story I notice that she tried to put behind what she did to Oliver. So, I think that I changed my thoughts about her. And I notice is well that she did a very great job to Oliver by telling Mr Brownlow and Rose about the man who tried to kill Oliver and she also gave a lot of information that may affect Oliver's life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Oliver Twist Ahmed Ameer 1 06/05/2007 ...read more.

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