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Original Course work – Urban Myths

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Original Course work - Urban Myths Amy Westwood The scream rang through the trees. Pounding footsteps thudded their way through the wood. Twigs snapped and cracked like brittle bones. She slowed down to a trot, trying to make sense of where she was. Her ears pricked. Listening for following footsteps. Realising she had been holding her breath, she gasped and air flooded her body. Only half an hour before she had been sat perfectly happy with her boyfriend. Her vision glazed over as silent drops fell to the ground, remembering how Josh had got out of the car to investigate a noise they had heard. She sank down to the bottom of the tree, as she recalled how ten minutes later, when he hadn't returned, she had got out, only to find his pale form hanging from the tree above. Blood stained the top of the car where it had spilt from his neck, draping down over his shoulder like a carpet of scarlet. Whoever done this mustn't be too far away. They could be watching her, waiting for her... "The bodies of two teenagers have been found in Thornby Woods early this morning by a local dog walker. The bodies have been described as horrifically mutilated and the result of a brutal murder. At the moment police are investigating leads including the name "Aidan" spelt in blood on the roof of the car. ...read more.


As she sat, staring at the open book infront of her, but not taking one word in, a voice called out her name. Turning sharply around, thinking it could easily be the killer, she saw, to her relief, it was Jack. "I just came to see if you were all right." He muttered his apology for scaring her. "Yeah. I'm okay... well sort of," she smiled back. "I just thought, well Diana wasn't exactly being sympathetic before and when you walked out, you looked upset to me. I though someone had better come after you." He paused and looked at her, "You sure you're all right?" Kerry looked away and sighed. "Well not exactly, I got this letter, someone must have planted it in my bag." She handed over the letter to Jack. His eyes scanned the letter and his expression turned into that of alarm. "You really should take this to the police," he said, his eyes piercing her own with serious anxiety. She turned her head so she wouldn't have to stare into his hazel eyes, so caring, so tender, so... "What's the point?" her voice shuddered, "It doesn't mean its necessarily from him. It's probably some dumb kid playing a sick joke to upset me" "Well, if you're sure. But come on, don't you think you should call it a day?" Jack said, standing up and taking Kerry's bag. ...read more.


Diana stood up, her eyes blazing like the fires of hell. "One thing I don't understand," said Kerry, trying to buy more time, "is why the name 'Aidan' was found at the murder scenes." "Ever though of rearranging my name?" panted Diana, "Diana spells 'Aidan'. No one was clever enough to guess that. It even managed to put the police off. Now stop this idle chit-chat and let me kill you, nice and slowly," her voice cackled as she flew at Kerry, the knife close to her throat. Kerry tried to push her arm away. She couldn't keep her off for much longer. She battled with Diana and they both lost their balance. Tumbling over Diana had the better position, holding the knife inches away from Kerry's neck. "Goodbye Kerry..." The door to the room flew open. The surprise stopped Diana as she looked up. Jack and Kevin stood gaping in horror at the scene. Rapidly, they ran over and pulled Diana off Kerry. The knife dropped to the floor with a clang. Five policemen were standing in the entrance and with Kevin's help, carried the screaming Diana away. Jack was left helping a very shaky Kerry to her feet. "I heard screaming," he mumbled, "I rushed to help with Kevin." Kerry didn't say a word. Tears swept from her eyes, as she realised the terror was over, and she was still alive. A far away shriek disturbed the comforting silence surrounding Kerry and Jack. The wail of sirens echoed into the distance. "It's all over now, I promise you," Jack, holding Kerry, "I promise" ...read more.

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