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Original Writing

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Original Writing The city had beauty comparable to that of no other; as the sun rose over the bay, it cast a golden glimmer over the waves, rising further shining its warm glow on the immense skyscrapers, whose windows reflected the light onto the skyscraper standing next to it, bouncing the light toward the ground below - as if a primitive method of lighting the city was used, comparable to that used within ancient Egyptian pyramids. The city's skyline was a mixture of old and modern architecture, tall skyscrapers stood watch over the city beneath, old grand stone buildings, once pioneers in architecture, now standing in the shadows of the immense guardians above; the stone walls once rough, worn smooth from years of erosion, beaten by wind and rain, worn smooth by the city's inhabitants as they stood against the walls, waiting, waiting for lovers, buses and friends. The sun held the city in a warm embrace, yet somehow, some buildings remained cold, the hospital a plain, sterile, concrete building stood in the centre of the city, steadily releasing a stream of screaming ambulances into the maze of roads which criss-crossed their way between the buildings . The new pavement followed the roads in a mindless fashion, the people they carried did likewise: their journeys being halted at junctions by simple lights, red screamed "STOP!", whilst the green encouraged them to cross, the flashing amber daring those who were brave enough to sprint past the cars, who's drivers engaged the clutch, changed into first gear, accelerating, eager to complete their journey. ...read more.


At the same moment, amongst all the calm, a business man who is seated inside, and had earlier bought one large coffee, so that he may take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, a look of anxiety etched on his face, as his fingers pound the keys of his top of the range laptop, preparing for a presentation at one of the inner city sky scrapers later that day. As the warm sun set, gradually merging into the horizon, allowing its now hazy, orange, glow to withdraw from the city, casting long shadows into the bay, their darkness embraced the face of a statue, which stood nobly in the water, as a reminder to the inhabitants of the city of the independence their country had gained long in the past. The normally passive expression, carved into the face of the statue all those years ago, appeared concerned, for it knew, having watched over the city for so long, that the calm, warm, welcoming atmosphere was about to change. As the last of the sun's light dipped under the horizon, street lamps lit up and cast a luminous, unnatural, harsh glow over the city streets. Large signs hung above shops enticing people through their doors, like moths to a flame, further added to the unnatural, neon, glow cast by the street lamps. Other than the change in light, the city appeared to be just the same as when the light had bathed its streets. ...read more.


She recognised his dark face. The eyes were a dark menacing brown. The sneer was evil and intimidating. The nostrils flared in anger. She recognised his walk, the self-confident swagger. A shrill scream, left her soft lips, cracking the air around her. She broke into a sprint... Her partner bemused, but his loyalty and fear caused him to follow. The stalker eager to catch the couple broke into a wild, animalistic sprint. As he reached the heart of the estate the couple were gone, he continued through an alley way, his own heart fuelled with adrenalin... And finally he saw his target - the girl tripped over a crack in the pavement and tumbled to the floor. The young man tried to pull her to her feet as the stalker, who now swaggered towards the couple. Staring into the eyes of the young man, the stalker reached into the waist band of his trousers and a blade caught the light... The blood rushed from the face of the young man leaving his light brown skin pale. His eyes widened - the stalker's gaze still locked into the eyes of the young man. They were now eye to eye, the girl pleaded for the follower to go. The blade had now been retracted from the waist band of the trousers - the followers arm pulled back and then, a scream. A pool of blood poured from the young man and the stalker fled. The couple left together in the heart of the estate whilst the young mans heart with every pulse, bled him closer to his death. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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