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Original Writing Murder Story

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You couldn't imagine the feeling, hearing that your wife and children have been found slain. After hearing these words eight words, everything became a blur, I didn't even hear what PC Maguire was saying I just stared, frozen to the to the carpet beneath me feet. Dead. My family, my girls, my beautiful girls gone. A feeling of sickness came over me, I was sick, over and over for about 20 minutes, I headed downstairs, avoiding the family photos which hung above the stairs hoping they would just disappear. Downstairs PC Maguire was sat waiting for me, he'd already told me how it happened but I couldn't hear. On hearing the events again I ran back to the bathroom and was vomiting until there it felt like there was nothing left apart from my cold soul, then went back to staring just sat on my bathroom floor looking at nothing for hours by the time I finally went downstairs PC Maguire and his colleague had of course gone. They'd gone to my wife Maggie's mothers for the weekend in Leeds, the last time I saw them I was rushing to get ready for work on Friday morning. ...read more.


The girls obviously knew this man to go off with him, which surely means I know him, the worst had come to reality; memories of a not so long ago time began whispering into my ear reminding me of what once used to be the family room, the anger started possessing me as my heart started beating against my chest faster and faster before relinquishing to the floor where I sunk into a bath of my tears. The police could sense the animosity in the air and politely left. The pain slowly faded as I slowly drifted asleep on the living room floor. When I woke up I paced though my brain hacking into old memories to conclude who it could be, I start accusing my closest and dearest friends in my head, how could it be one of them... how has this happened?! At that moment the doorbell rang. People had tried ringing all week but I haven't felt the will to answer, I guess now I have to face the world once again and answer; there is a pile of notes scattered across the hall that people have posted through the letterbox. ...read more.


So of course when I got out she was my first stop, but she wouldn't talk to me when I came to the house. It was a different story when I had your beloved children. But she didn't want me, not nice is it Danny? When the woman you love doesn't want you so I decided if I couldn't have her, and Katie, you couldn't either so I killed them.' What about Abby? If you didn't want Abby why did you kill her too?!' I yelled. 'It was unfortunate for her, she was just there' he shrugged. This is when my anger took hold of my and I forced my way out of my restraints, I picked up the chair and struck him once, twice, three times. He fell to the ground and I stood over him, my foot to his neck 'You sick bastard' I cried then stood on his neck until he was gasping for air and clutching his throat, then he was gone. I fell to the ground beside him, I knew now that it was over for me too but I couldn't move, my eyes closed blood still pumping from my hip, my time is here. Original writing, Aaron McFarlane Original writing, Aaron McFarlane ...read more.

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