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Original Writing Prose A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods Chelsea Allen The wood was enormous. It was dark and it was cold and I needed to get home and quickly. I had had the strangest feeling all day that I was being followed, and due to past experiences I knew that these strange feelings often resulted in something much more. I wiped the sweat from my brow and desperately and frantically tried to find my way in the darkness of the wood. The spring foliage was so thick I could barely see ten metres in any direction but I knew that I had to venture on to safety. The ground beneath me was soft from last night's rainfall and dragged on my feet almost gluing them in place. ...read more.


I was constantly praying to God under my breath for my safe arrival home but how could I possibly find my way? I was panting heavily and a sharp, piercing stitch in my stomach made me come to a stumbling, sweating halt. I had come across the most beautiful lake and even in the darkness I could witness its radiance. I kneeled down, cupped my hands together and slowly and gratefully began to drink from the water. But it was then I saw it. A sudden image of my body lying vulnerably at the bottom of the lake which reminded me that I had to go, I had to get home. With this I took off once again almost falling over some entangled roots. ...read more.


I was not brave enough to look back and became even more determined to venture on. It was then I instinctively heard footsteps advancing towards me from behind. I turned my head round sharply and as I did so I sprawled over a mess of entangled roots. My body came down with a thud as a sudden rush and flow of pain through my body left me almost paralysed in pain. I couldn't move but I needed to. I was simply a crippled heap lying in the middle of a wood. There was no one around, or was there? I closed my eyes tightly and began to pray, as I did I felt a cold breath on my shoulder and a hand which reached out and stroked my face. I screamed a loud, piercing scream, but I was never heard. Ever again. ...read more.

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