A Walk Through The Woods

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It was an ordinary forest, as far as dark, sinister woods go, filled with mostly rotting old oak trees clustered together. Their gnarled branches reaching out like bony fingers, distressed bark twisted and tangled together, challenging anyone to enter their midst. Splashes of wild grass stood lifeless, invaded by roses, untamed and barren. Plants that were once green were now a sickly shade of yellow, wilting at their roots; bending at their knees.

It was an ordinary forest, a place that brought neighbouring communities and villages together; eventually these communities and villages grew to become cities and towns. Sunlight filtered through every gap in the vibrant trees, illuminating the reflection on the water’s face. Flowers of all colours and shapes blossomed under the sun’s ray. The forest was bursting with life. Squirrels leapt from branch to branch, bees hummed from flower to flower, rodents and reptiles and a large variety of birds all nestled together in a small happy community.

All gone.

Now the woods stand silent, statues in a living museum where no leaf dared to fall.

No shuffles of movement, no tweets of birds could be heard on this day. The clouds hung heavy, dark, and grey; a thick blanket suffocated what life was left in this small part of the world. A chaotic mesh of dead looking leafless skeletal branches that looked like they belonged in a darker and more ghostly world.  

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Stumbling across such woods was a couple no older than 16.

‘Okay, we’re definitely lost.’ The girl said glancing over at the map the boy held.

‘No we’re not. We just have to keep going.’ He said adjusting his backpack.

‘Mark, this is not on the map, I told you we took the wrong turning about half a mile back, if we just go ba-‘

‘We’re not lost!’ He interrupted. ‘It is on the map, look you see this stretch of land here?’ He pointed to the map. ‘That is this forest and our checkpoint is on ...

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