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Original Writing. The water was not as it should be, it had a shimmer, and it was think and oozed from the tap. Penny still stood with me; although she couldnt smell anything, taste anything or see anything strange! Why was it just me?

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Original writing: The Darkness within the White Just as I shut the door behind me I could smell it again. I looked back and saw her out from the corner of my eye. I was sure of it. The 'white angel' had appeared just after my mother's death. The faint smell of lavender that followed me around (but that only I could smell) had started with my loss too and every so often I could hear her, singing in the calming way she always used when I couldn't sleep. It was her; my mother, my guardian and protector. I closed the door slowly after me not wanting her to think I was leaving her behind. My friend penny and I started walking and half past seven that evening, so by the time we got to the party it was in full swing. However, the moment I walked in the door I could smell lavender, stronger than ever before, it over powered me. For a moment it completely took over my senses, like I had walked into a wall. ...read more.


I had just reached the lake when the sky started to crowd and the stars faded away behind a thick layer of clouds, a dark mist was forming; dissolving the world around me into a foggy blur. A small tear stung my eye as I was reminded of the night my mother drowned, in this very lake. I had the aroma of lavender hanging over me still; the fresh air had not helped as I thought it would. Standing by the waterside, looking out over the murderous waters, something unsettled me, something was wrong. Suddenly a shiver raced down my spine; there she was again, floating weightlessly above the water in front me, white and glowing. I began to hear the soothing sound of her voice call out to me, using words I could not understand, just beautiful sounds. I was drawn to her, stepping closer and closer to the waters edge. Then again it hit me, knocking me down; the smell of lavender. I stumbled backwards falling to the ground my body aching and weak, something was different. ...read more.


There was noting, no face no features, just a black hole sucking me in. I was looking more and more intensely to where this creature's face should have been. I knew that this was not my mother; it had never been. I couldn't be and I effused to believe it. It was not! I hadn't realised it but my feet were no longer on the ground, the white being had not been flying towards me, in fact I had been flying towards it! I glanced down to see myself reflected back in the water's surface. Then the rotting smell, a high pitched shriek and a fast freezing wind thumping my face all started at once. I lost all sensations the feeling was gone in all of me, I was hot and cold, I was happy yet sad, every opposite you could imagine, I was neither, I just was. I could smell nothing, taste nothing, hear nothing and see nothing. I was aware of absolutely nothing, my body left me I just existed in a dark no-where with this white spirit looking deep within me, gazing straight through me. I spoke, the words just tumbled out. "What are you?" It laughed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 Alison Thurgood ...read more.

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