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Othello Essay

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Othello Essay The play Othello, written by Shakespeare is a tragedy, a story of the downfall of a great and noble Moor due to the deception of a villainous man. One of the main themes in the book is trust. Despite the titular character, Othello, being accepted by all even and confident of the honesty of Desdemona, as he declares in the beginning, 'My life upon her faith', he never seems to fully trust her. He however almost never seems to question anything 'Honest Iago' says. However, this is highly ironic because Desdemona is fully honest whereas Iago is completely the opposite. Shakespeare shows that there are many reasons why Othello trusts Iago rather than his wife; including the fact that Othello is an outsider in society and Iago acts as his tutor and takes advantage of his trust. Othello is clearly an outsider but is accepted by all. His race sets him apart physically, through his black skin, as shown by many references by other characters to Othello as 'the black moor', as well as 'sooty bosom' and 'thick lips'. He gets the help of Iago to help him fit into this society. Iago becomes a tutor to him. ...read more.


She believes that her moor 'is true of mind and made of no such baseness as jealous creatures are'. She then sees jealous side of Othello, who is clearly obsessed with the handkerchief and she panics. Later on, her choice of words seem very inappropriate when looking at the state Othello is in, 'for the love I bear to Cassio' which gives more belief to Iago while making her seem dishonest. Despite the fact that she loves him dearly, she doesn't understand Othello as well as Iago does and so she is not able to gain Othello's trust. Othello is a great military leader but he is not aware of his own emotions and weaknesses. He declares 'I'm not a jealous man' but as the plays develops he contradicts himself and a more sinister side of him comes to light. Othello is also highly emotional. Iago uses this to gain Othello's trust in the first place, he then inflames Othello again against Desdemona. As Othello is very emotional, naturally it takes very little to inflame him and make him lose his trust in Desdemona. ...read more.


powerful and dominant male is at stake even though his place in society is safe and his wife is honest and worthy of his trust. Othello is impelled to act to save the situation and he believes that Iago is the only one who is acting in his best interests. Therefore, he trusts Iago more than his wife. Another contributing factor is Othello's lack of judgement. Othello has spent most parts of life fighting in faraway lands so he is inexperienced with social interaction. Thus he makes bad judgement about major characters. When Emilia claims that Desdemona could not have been unfaithful and 'lay down my soul at stake' for Desdemona's honesty.' This lack of judgement leads him to trust the wrong person. Othello is so in love with Desdemona that he often repeated 'I will deny thee nothing' - but ultimately, he denies her life. His ordered universe revolves around his love for Desdemona. He honestly loves her 'too well' and states that 'chaos' will prevail 'when I love thee not'. Othello possesses a true, unconditional love for Desdemona. The true tragedy of Othello is not the mindless bloodshed, but that Othello simply trusted the villain and not his love. ...read more.

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