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Over many years poetry was seen to have many different uses.

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A.Q English CourseWork Over many years poetry was seen to have many different uses. These uses differed by poets. The more imaginative the poet was, the more developed the poetry got. Some poets like to use their poems as a way to convey a message, some use poetry to educate their readers and some even use poems to persuade their mistresses or women to give into their love. A poet can really be imaginative and dinamic in his writing as love is not a language but a way of life. Love is unexplainable as it can change a person forever and how that person feels, it contains such an amount of chemistry which cannot be broken down in to a formulae. That unexplainable feeling of the first efectionate kiss is so valuable and rich of emotions that sometimes its worth writing for. Famouse poets who wrote poems in order to persuade their mistresses are John Dunne, Andrew Marvell, Christopher Marlowe and Ben Johnson. I am going to compare the different techniques of persuation they use. Some writers or poets use a dialectic style and some use hyperbole style which are two main different styles. A Dialectic style is a sophisticated way of persuasion, it is more of an argumentative style while a hyperbole style is more of an imginative and far fetched style that can bring across more dinamic and imaginative use of vocabulary bringing unseen imagery across to the poem making it more joyful and interesting to read. ...read more.


He compliments her image when he ststes: ' Two hundred to adore each breats, But thirty thousand to the rest. An age at least to every part. For lady, you deserve this state.' Women as Marvell might know already are always fishing for compliments, and he compliments them as a persuasion technique. Marvell refers to carpe deium(which means to sease the day, in otherwords not waste time and have sex befor its too late) throughout the poem as he writes as if there is some rush or hurry, as if time is running out to, this is typical of a classical poem. Marvell also portrays the image of the chariot passing by quickly to give the poem a bit more pace in its rhythym. 'An hundred years should go to praise thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze' Marvell's poem contains typical metaphysical poem features (the imagery) as well as some classical poem features(carpe deium). The poem does not rhyme but it has an iambic rythym. To conclude his poem Marvell trys to be different and unique in his own way by giving the poem a finishing tone or flavour so that the mistress feels as if she is requierd to sleep with him, thus feeling guilty.Unlike Marvell, Marlowe uses a different type of argument in his persuasion technique in one of his poems. ...read more.


Dunne was very different to all the other poets(the ugly duckling). Dunn uses his knowledge to obscure the mistresses thoughts of what might she think of by answering them in the poem. Thus potentialy flattering her. Dunn's poem does not have a particular opening, its like a story. You can only have the effect of the poem after you complete reading it. While Herrick effectivly opens his poem starting with a throchee thus starting the flow of the rhythym immeadiatly. This helps to portray the sense of urgency as if there is not enough time to have an appropriate start top the poem. Then Herrick later on changes his rhythym significantly to an iambic pentameter. Which increases the pace of the poem even more, increasing the sesnse of urgency. He is also a poet who uses carpe deium and he puts forward this image towards his mistress that she need to make use of time as this is a sense of urgency. To conclude I will have to say that out of the four poets, Marvell is the greatest as he is soo unique. No poet writes like him. He uses fear, love and flattery to persuade his mistress. His imagery is new and original. He has a style of his own compared to all the other poets. TOTAL: 1445 WORDS Abdullah Qandeel English CouseWork ...read more.

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