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Passage Based Essay of the last page of Scene 7 in the play: The Glass Menagerie.

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Passage Based Essay of the last page of Scene 7 in the play: The Glass Menagerie. The play The Glass Menagerie is a memory play. Tom Wingfield acts both as the narrator and a character within the play. The play uses a lot of imagery and symbols as the playwright Tennesse Williams wrote 'memory takes up a lot of poetic license' as it is 'seated predominantly in the heart'. Tim has been handled somewhat fluidly being a memory play. We see Tom as a character in his memory and at the end scene as he reviews his past and how is has shaped his present. ...read more.


Though Tom has travelled 'a great deal' like a leaf being blown in the wind, he is not settles and will soon root away from the tree. This creates sympathy for Tom as the audience realises he left to achieve his own goals yet is hindered by his continuous guilt. The symbol of light is representative of change. Being a memory play, the lighting is 'dim' and 'sentimental'. Clear pools of light is focused on the main subjects, this is sometimes confusing for in Scene Three, Amanda and Tom are arguing, yet the main light is focuses on Laura, showing that she is the subject that they are arguing about. ...read more.


The idea of passing time and the oncoming war is also brought in be the statement that 'the world is lit by lightening'. WE no longer need the frail light of candles when with the switch of a button we get electricity. Another symbol is Mr Wingfield and the impacts of his desertion on the family. His photograph still remains the dominant feature of the living room. This photograph serves as a pathway for Amanda to escape to her past and a daily remind to Tom that true escape could be possible. However upon following 'in my father's footsteps', Tom discovers that he cannot be the magician that 'got out of a coffin without removing one nail'. He is 'pursued' by the guilt of damaging the human nails - Amanda and Laura. ...read more.

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