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Poetry - To his Coy Mistress and in Mrs Tilcher's Class

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POETRY To his Coy Mistress and in Mrs Tilcher�s Class In both poems the idea of ��time�� is extremly important because they use time in different ways. The poets have really emphasased this topic. It is used as something you have to make the most of it and live as if it was the last minute of life. In ��Mrs Tilcher�s Class�� is a poem about a girl who has very good memories of when she was at school, whereas in ��To his Coy Mistress,�� time is essential. Is seen as a method of persuading the woman to sleep with the men. In ��To his Coy Mistress�� the poet is always aware of time, and uses time in various ways in order to persuade his mistress to fully commit herself to him. He starts by using time in a conventional romantic way. For instance, he says how long he would like to love her. Evidence which proves this passionate love is when he assures her that if they��had the world enough, and time,�� and that they would ��pass our long�s love day together.�� In this poem the ...read more.


The poet uses the word��now�� to reflect how time is important and how rapidly it is passing and if they don�t make the most of time the chance of being happy will pass. Another piece of evidence which proves that time is a concern for these two lovers is when he says��at every pore with instant fires,�� to be realistic and admit that they will no more love a young person. The poem ends with the poet moving away from this thereats to urge his mistress to make the most of time. He says��rather at once our time devour,��or when ��he cannot make our sun stand still, yet he will make him run.�� They have to do something and not let time be a barrier to prevent their love. For once he wants to be a forgetful man and concentrate on maintainig that love for which he is fighting for, and trying to conserve it, without thinking about the passing of the years. In Mrs Tilscher�s Class,�� by Carol Ann Duffy, also uses��time�� as a central theme in the poem. ...read more.


It deals with physical and emotional growth. It seems as if she was impatient to grow up and to leave primary school. She has a particular interest to see what�s next and and what life will be when you grow up. She demonstrates a special interest in ��older pople.�� Evidence which proves my idea is when she says ��you ran through the gates, impatient to be grown,�� or ��jumping and croaking away from the luch-queue.�� Here she shows that she is no more a little girl who likes babyish games,she wants to act or appear to be a bit older. In this way, is how this girl remembers her sweet chilhood. The poem is a good evidence that time passes quickly for all of us. Whether in the form of a ��winged chariot,�� or a general impatient ��to be grown.�� Time is important in both poems, and its reflected in different ways. In ��To his Coy Mistress,�� time can also be a drawback for two lovers, and n ��Mrs Tilscher�s Class,�� highlights the thoughts of a girl who is impatient to grow up. In both poems time is used with a special meaning for the poet. Time seems to be an esential factor in human thoughts. ...read more.

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