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Popularity of Mobile Phones

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Do you think that mobile phones will continue to appeal to young people in the future? Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular among young people especially the ones with internet connectivity. Young people nowadays are using mobile phones more than they used to because young people tend to communicate more. The technology for mobile phones has gotten better over the period of time. Youths are interested in having the latest things that all their friends have and like to show-off to their peers. ...read more.


All of these new features being added allows the user to use most of their senses when using the device like sight and visual when playing games, browsing the internet or going through pictures. Hearing when listening to music. Some phones even have a touchscreen which allows the user to use their third sense touch. When playing games the user is able to use their touch sense, hearing when listening to the game audio or listen to music whilst playing. Gaming developers are also improving the graphics for games so the user can use their visual sense in addition to the two other senses. ...read more.


They can also contact their friends through instant messaging on MSN, Yahoo and Skype applications on their phones. Young people also enjoy playing games and listening to music while on the bus. Mobile phones may continue to develop throughout the years by having new features to appeal to young people such as touchscreen, voice recognition, clear phones, holograms, applications for every personal need, portable charger, high definition filming and photo editing. Young people will not need multiple electronic devices for gaming, taking pictures and communication because phone companies will start to have a camera built into the phone and games can be put onto the phone. ...read more.

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