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Pre 1900 poetry.

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Pre 1900 Poetry In pre 1900 poems, the attitude and experiences of love are presented in a number of ways. People saw love as special they talk about love at first sight and cupid's arrow. Typical love poems may include about what the typical wife should behave and look like e.g. they had to behave like a woman. The first poem is called ''First Love" this is a poem about a man who sees a woman and falls in love with her "love at first sight" he starts off by describing her as a sweet flower, and his legs went like jelly indicating he was nervures that he had "butterflies". Blood rushed to his face "he was blushing"; it was as if there was a blackout and she was standing in a spotlight like in a movie. Now coming to the end of the poem he starts to say sad things as if she has "turned him down" he says things such as "are flowers the winters choice" and "I never saw so sweet a face" and ...read more.


I think this means that it is her birthday a very special day and a very special person is coming "her love". The third poem is called Villegiature. This poem is about a woman who is trying to remember her lover in every detail but in the end she remembers why she broke up with him in the first place. She starts by describing her window what is around/outside it she says "White-curtained shone, and softly lighted: so by the pear-tree to my room your ghost last night climbed uninvited" I think she is saying that there was a faint light shining thought her white curtains and her lovers ghost "or what seems to be a ghost" climbs through her window. She then describes what he looks like "your solid self, long leagues away, deep in dull books, had hardly missed me" she then goes on to say that he climbed up through the window to kiss her. ...read more.


In the thirds verse she says that if he only wants her for her body and for sexual pleasure then again she refuses. In the last verse she says the if he wants her to be hes "comrade,friend and mate to live and work, to love and to die ith you" then she acepts. The last poem is called My Last Duchess. This poem is about a man telling his "friend" about his last duchess, describing her to him in alot of detail this conversation starts when the painting of his last duchess is shown to his "friend". He describes her as a good woman as if she has been murdered though he carrys on it sounds like hes feelin sorry 4 her but in the end of it we have found out that he had her kill and she will not be his last. I think that all these poems are good i think they do show traditional love at its near best. The best poem i think is first love because i like the way that the writer uses sertain words to describe how the man is feeling. ...read more.

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