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Pre-1914 Poetry Coursework

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Pre-1914 Poetry Coursework Porphyria's Lover To his coy mistress Question: compare the ways in which Porphyrias lover and to his coy mistress present views of love and comment on what they show about attitudes to love at the time. Porphyrias lover Introduction The two poems I will be writing about are 'Porphyrias lover' and 'To his coy mistress'. 'Porphyrias lover is written by Robert browning in the nineteenth century and 'to his coy mistress' was written by Andrew Marvell in the seventeenth century. In my essay I will be comparing the ways in which 'porphyrias lover' 'to his coy mistress' present views of love by, commenting on what they show about attitudes to love at the time. In this poem a lady named Porphyria is in love with this man, both of the characters express their love for each other in many ways. The man also recounts on how he killed his lover Porphyria by strangling her with her own hair, he does this to keep her his forever. The poems themes of sex violence and madness would have been an interest to the audience. 'Porphyrias lover' shows love to be obsessive it also shows that love can lead to one killing their loved ones. ...read more.


he is saying that he is glad of what he has done. He also believes that god has forgiven him and he also feels no guilt as he say's, 'and yet god has not said a word!' he almost believes that it was right of what he did. Also at the beginning of the story the mood of the story is set by the weather, 'the rain set early in to-night, the sullen wind was soon awake,' this is pathetic fallacy as it shows what the mood of the characters is going to be like, the weather is used to reflect the dark cold night. Also the rhyme structure of the poem is 'Ababa' To his coy mistress Introduction In this poem love is shown to also be obsessive and passionate. It also shows love to be about sex. It shows love to be about sex and obsessive behaviour as the man talks about the woman's beauty, he also praises her. He tries to seduce her and she wants him to force her into having sex. The man in the poem is arguing with her and trying to persuade her to have sex with him. ...read more.


He also realises it is reality by saying 'now' meaning at a current stage. He tries to say to her lets have sex in a fun ,energetic game, he say's now let us sport us while we may,'. Imagery is also included to show how they are like birds, 'and now, like amorous birds of prey,' showing that they will be rough and hardcore. He also expresses how special she is by saying 'than languish in his slow-chapt power.' he is saying that she is so special that he would be able to control time. He also says 'stand still, yet we will make him run' saying he would be able to make Apollo run from him if they were together. It also mentions that he would love her so much that they would got to heaven together, 'thorough the iron gates of life.'. the form of the poem is written as a formal poem, as he addresses the woman as' lady', he also describes his body parts as being his 'vegetable empire'. the poems structure is divided into three different parts the first is about if they had something, the second is the bad side of things that would happen if they weren't together and the last is about reality and what she can do. ...read more.

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