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Pride and Prejudice

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In the novel Pride and Prejudice, how does Austen present the two sides of Mr. Darcy in the two extracts? How and why does this change in his character occur in the novel? Jane Austen was the author of the famous novel Pride and Prejudice. Austen was born in December 1775 in the village of Steventon in Hampshire and died in 1817. Through the years that she was alive Austen wrote 6 novels, one of which was the famous novel, Pride and Prejudice. Austen was part of a fairly large family; she was the second daughter and seventh child in a close-knit family of eight. This great novel has many similarities to Austen's actual life, for example the Bennett's were a large close-knit family and as was she. In this essay I will be focusing on the relationship between, Elizabeth and Darcy and how his attitude changes towards several characters. Darcy's personality in particular changes drastically throughout the play, he begins very stubborn and un-cooperative, as the story proceeds his attitude changes as he warms towards one character in particular, Elizabeth Bennet. Chapters 3&4 Mr Darcy is a very high class character and doesn't hesitate to show his authority in society. ...read more.


I believe his change in personality is due to his proposal towards Lizzy, or more so due to the rejection. I believe that after receiving that rejection he no longer thinks highly of himself and begins to have more respect for Lizzy and her family. He begins to understand that wealth doesn't get you everything and to me he tries harder to impress Lizzy, due to his great attraction towards her; which is seen in his movement from his descriptions in the novel. When Mr Wickham entered the picture he made it clear to Darcy that he wanted Lizzy to himself and told her a lie about Darcy which turned Lizzy against him even more. When Darcy was confronted by Lizzy he wrote her a letter explaining the real truth, and the liar turned out to be Wickham, when reading the letter she began to see a new Darcy and warmed towards him and this is when Lizzy changes her attitude towards Darcy. As Darcy changes his attitude he becomes a more attractive 19th century gentleman, he is no longer acting as a rude man, he is trying to be liked by lower classes which the old Darcy would see as a sign of weakness. ...read more.


Overall Darcy has two personalities in this novel, one of which was at the beginning of the novel where he was arrogant and rude towards other classes, his other personality would be a nicer part of him which had no particular chapter but gradually changed throughout the novel. He warmed towards characters as he realised that he liked Lizzy who was in a lower class than him, he began to notice that he isn't so perfect when Lizzy rejects his proposal, this was one of the key events. Also another key event is when the rumour of what Darcy had supposedly done to Wickham in the past was spread about the towns; this is when the characters perceptions increased their dislike towards him. I think that Austen created a character like Darcy to show the changes in status, also to show that a rich wealthy man like himself cannot get everything he wants due to his attitude. When realising this he changes his attitude towards others which is made clear to the reader, Darcy represents a typical 19th century gentleman and I think that Austen was trying to show that to be able to marry a woman you have to earn your right, as your wealth cannot get you everywhere. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 | Page ...read more.

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